White Dwarf 12

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White Dwarf Magazine #12

First advert for Citadel Miniatures, White Dwarf 11 carried Citadels Ral Partha designed range.


Pages Title Category Author Description
Cover Art Eddie Jones Originally published:
  • Progetto Terra by Algis Budrys
  • Frostens Barn by Dénis Lindbohm.
2 (Inside) Citadel Miniatures Ltd Ad
  • Fiend Factory: FF 1-40
  • Fantasy Adventurers: FA 1-14
  • Fantasy Specials: FS 1-12
3 Chivalry & Sorcery Ad Fantasy Games Unlimited
4 Ad
  • Games of Liverpool
  • Tunnels and Trolls
  • Philmar
  • Avalon Hill
  • S.P.I. Games
5 Model Workshop Ltd Ad
6 Phoenix Model Developments Ltd. Ad /Phoenix Miniatures

Miniature Figurines Valley of the Four Winds and D&D licensed figs

7 Editorial Contents Ian Livingstone
08-10 The Fiend Factory D&D
  • Assassin Bug
  • Iron Pig
  • Grell
  • Hook Horrors
  • Githyanki
  • Giant Bloodworm
  • Desert Raider (Also see "Fiend Factory: Inhuman Gods" in WD 39)
  • Three-Headed Skrat
10-11 Useful Dungeon Equipment D&D Lew Pulsipher
12-14 Open Box Review

Rapier & Dagger by FGU All the Worlds' Monsters Volume II by Chaosium Arduin Grimoire Volumes I, II and III Pellic Quest PBM Spellmaker (with: Some Notes by the inventor, Eric Solomon)

15 News Review
  • GW developing Fiend Folio for AD&D
  • GDW released Double Star boxed sci-fi game
  • Judges Guild publications: The Dungeoneer and Judges Guild Journal
  • Chaosium RuneQuest releases: Scorpion Men & Broos and Militia & Mercenaries
  • Chaosium Publication: Different Worlds
  • GW releases: Hex Sheets and Character Sheets
15 Molten Magic : Sci-Fi & Fantasy Figure Review Miniatures
  • Asgard Miniatures
  • Greenwood & Ball
  • Ral Partha
  • Citadel
  • Miniature Figurines
16-19 Pool of the Standing Stones AD&D : A mini-dungeon for 6-8 5th and 6th level adventurers
20-21 Valley of the Four Winds Fiction Rowland Flynn
  • Part 1 in WD 8
  • Chapter Two: Battle of Gondemar
  • Chapter Three: In Greengorm Forest in WD 10
  • Chapter Four: Towards the Stonefingers in WD 11
  • Chapter Five: The Hall of Wizardry
  • Chapter Six: The Face of Hell in WD 13
22-23 Treasure Chest D&D

New Magic Items

  • The Sword of Thievery
  • Silver Boomerang of Za'an
  • Strangler's Noose
  • The Swords of Meryn Caradeth: White Sword, Black Sword, Quarrel and Rag
  • Earring of Control
  • Arrows of Petrification
  • Rod of Electricity
  • Dwarven Dust
  • The Blade of Betrayal
  • The Barbarian (Revised from WD 4 for AD&D)
24-25 A Dip into the Players Handbook D&D Don Turnbull
24 Forever People Ad Retail
25 Survey Results Review

D&D Characters Classes White Dwarf Covers

25 White Dwarf Binders Ad
26 Classifieds Ad
  • Leicester's (Shop)
  • Wargame Publications (Scotland) Ltd.
27 Leviation Models Ad Sci-Fi & Fantasy
28 Asgard Miniatures Ad Miniatures
28 Greenwood & Ball Ltd Ad
30 Esdevium Games Ad
30 Nottingham Model Soldier Shop Ad Nottingham Model Soldier Shop
31 (Inside) Games Workshop Ad
32 (Back) Gamma World Ad