White Dwarf 12

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White Dwarf #12

Cover Date: April / May 1979 Cover Price: 60p << | >>


This is the first issue with an Advert for Citadel Miniatures which feature their own figures as the previous issue (White Dwarf 11) featured only Ral Partha designed miniatures.


Pages Title Category Author Description
Cover Art Eddie Jones Originally published:
  • Progetto Terra by Algis Budrys
  • Frostens Barn by Dénis Lindbohm.
2 (Inside) Citadel Miniatures Ltd Ad
  • Fiend Factory: FF 1-40
  • Fantasy Adventurers: FA 1-14
  • Fantasy Specials: FS 1-12
3 Chivalry & Sorcery Ad Fantasy Games Unlimited
4 Ad
  • Games of Liverpool
  • Tunnels and Trolls
  • Philmar
  • Avalon Hill
  • S.P.I. Games
5 Model Workshop Ltd Ad
6 Phoenix Model Developments Ltd. Ad /Phoenix Miniatures

Miniature Figurines Valley of the Four Winds and D&D licensed figs

7 Editorial Contents Ian Livingstone
08-10 The Fiend Factory D&D
  • Assassin Bug
  • Iron Pig
  • Grell
  • Hook Horrors
  • Githyanki
  • Giant Bloodworm
  • Desert Raider (Also see "Fiend Factory: Inhuman Gods" in WD 39)
  • Three-Headed Skrat
10-11 Useful Dungeon Equipment D&D Lew Pulsipher
12-14 Open Box Review

Rapier & Dagger by FGU All the Worlds' Monsters Volume II by Chaosium Arduin Grimoire Volumes I, II and III Pellic Quest PBM Spellmaker (with: Some Notes by the inventor, Eric Solomon)

15 News Review
  • GW developing Fiend Folio for AD&D
  • GDW released Double Star boxed sci-fi game
  • Judges Guild publications: The Dungeoneer and Judges Guild Journal
  • Chaosium RuneQuest releases: Scorpion Men & Broos and Militia & Mercenaries
  • Chaosium Publication: Different Worlds
  • GW releases: Hex Sheets and Character Sheets
15 Molten Magic : Sci-Fi & Fantasy Figure Review Miniatures
  • Asgard Miniatures
  • Greenwood & Ball
  • Ral Partha
  • Citadel
  • Miniature Figurines
16-19 Pool of the Standing Stones AD&D : A mini-dungeon for 6-8 5th and 6th level adventurers
20-21 Valley of the Four Winds Fiction Rowland Flynn
  • Part 1 in WD 8
  • Chapter Two: Battle of Gondemar
  • Chapter Three: In Greengorm Forest in WD 10
  • Chapter Four: Towards the Stonefingers in WD 11
  • Chapter Five: The Hall of Wizardry
  • Chapter Six: The Face of Hell in WD 13
22-23 Treasure Chest D&D

New Magic Items

  • The Sword of Thievery
  • Silver Boomerang of Za'an
  • Strangler's Noose
  • The Swords of Meryn Caradeth: White Sword, Black Sword, Quarrel and Rag
  • Earring of Control
  • Arrows of Petrification
  • Rod of Electricity
  • Dwarven Dust
  • The Blade of Betrayal
  • The Barbarian (Revised from WD 4 for AD&D)
24-25 A Dip into the Players Handbook D&D Don Turnbull
24 Forever People Ad Retail
25 Survey Results Review

D&D Characters Classes White Dwarf Covers

25 White Dwarf Binders Ad
26 Classifieds Ad
  • Leicester's (Shop)
  • Wargame Publications (Scotland) Ltd.
27 Leviation Models Ad Sci-Fi & Fantasy
28 Asgard Miniatures Ad Miniatures
28 Greenwood & Ball Ltd Ad
30 Esdevium Games Ad
30 Nottingham Model Soldier Shop Ad Nottingham Model Soldier Shop
31 (Inside) Games Workshop Ad
32 (Back) Gamma World Ad