White Dwarf 6

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White Dwarf Magazine #6 April / May 1978

In his editorial Ian Livingstone announces the move of Games Workshop to its new premises 1 Dalling Road Hammersmith, the combined retail and office space the first Games Worshop shop.


Pages Title Category Author Description
Cover Art Chris Beaumont
Contents Contents Editorial Ian Livingstone GW move to 1 Dalling Road, WD price increases.
4-5 Combat and Armour Class D&D Roger Musson A realistic approach to armour class
6-8 Fiend Factory D&D

All monster illustrations by Polly Wilson Fangorn illustration of a wizard used as filler.

9-10 Figures Review Miniatures John Norris

Archive Miniatures

  • Dungeon Adventurers
  • Middle-earth


  • The Cimmerian
  • Bugbear
  • Mule
  • Umber Hulk
  • Beholder
  • Nightwraith
  • Grey Wizard

see [1]

10 News News New and forthcoming releases
  • Monster Manual
  • AD&D Players Handbook and Referees Guide
  • GW have moved to 1 Daling Road Hammersmith
  • GDW Imperium,
  • Battleline Alpha Omega
  • Cosmic Encounter Expansion sets
  • Minifigs Valley of the Four Winds
  • Asgard Miniatures Storm Giants, trimotes etc.
  • Thane Tostig skeletons and monks
  • Archive Miniatures Star Rovers
  • Wargame Publications, Magic Miscellany
11 A Place in the Wilderness D&D Lew Pulsipher Scenario based on [The Dragon Masters] novel by Jack Vance

New Monsters

  • Spider
  • Termagent
  • Blue Horror
  • Stringing Murderer
  • Longhorned Murderer
  • Fiend
12-14 Open Box D&D Reviews
15 Letters Letters
16-18 Traveller Traveller Don Turnbull Review
19 Kalgar Comic David Lloyd Part 2: The Land of Araquetta
20-21 Treasure Chest D&D
  • New Magic Items - Duncan Campbell
    • The Millenium Blade
    • The Crystal Gount
    • The Staff of Demons
  • Asbury System Part II - Brian Asbury]
    • XP for casting Magic
  • Hit Location in Melee - Martin Easterbrook
  • Author attribution for monsters in White Dwarf 4 and 5
Back Cover Art Alan Hunter


Page Title Category Description
2 SD*VM STEEL (Esdevium) Mailorder Games list
2 Dungeons & Starships Retail Birmingham retailer
2 Greenwood & Ball Miniatures
  • Cliff Sanderson 54mm [2]
  • Al Charles 80mm [3]
  • Garrisson 28mm Startroopers [4]
14 Wargame Publications Scotland Ltd. Miniatures

Magic Miscellany & Arabesque [5]

  • MA8 Warlord of the Seven Hells
  • MA12 Eunuch
  • Ma13 Djinn
  • MA14 Eastern Magician on Flying Carpet

Warriors of the Lost Continent [6]

  • Reptillians
  • Elder Races
18 Games Centre Retail Traveller / Cosmic Encounter.
21 Just Games Retail
22 Dragon Miniatures Miniatures UK distributors Clyde Models
  • Star Lords [7]
  • Star Ships [8]
  • Dungeon and Other Earths [9]
  • Dragon Monster Paints
22 Games of Liverpool Retail
23 Games Workshop Retail Dalling Road shop opening.