White Dwarf 28

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White Dwarf #28

Cover Date: December 1981 / January 1982 Cover Price: 75p << | >>


Pages title Category Author Article
Cover RPG Terry Oakes
10-11 The Magic Jar RPG Converting characters between systems
  • En Garde! to AD&D
  • Spacequest to Traveller
  • AD&D to C&S
  • Spacefarers to Traveller
12-13 Starbase Traveller Sorry - Short scenario
14-15 Open Box Review
  • Fiend Folio for AD&D by TSR
  • ICBM boardgame by Mayfair Games
  • The Ley Sector for Traveller by Judges Guild
  • Traveller Supplements by GDW
  • Marooned/Marooned Alone (Double Adventure 4)
  • Library Data (Supplement 8)
  • Undead boardgame by SJG
16-17 Character Conjuring AD&D War Smiths
18-19 On Target Traveller A Critical Hit System
20-23 Operation Counterstrike AD&D Space Travel Scenario based on The DM's Guide to the Galaxy article in WD 26 and The Dungeon at the end of the Universe article in WD27
25 Treasure Chest AD&D Magic Items
  • Webbing Devices
  • Boots of Adhesion
  • Jeckyll's Potion
  • Boots of Striking
  • The Sea Sword
26-27 Fiend Factory D&D Out of the Woods
  • Whispering Tongues
  • Driver Ant
  • Birch Spirit
  • Chameliad
  • Black Unicorn