Warlock 11

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Warlock #11

Cover Date: August / September 1986 Cover Price: 95p << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Description
1 Titan Art Chris Achilleos Cover

Also known as Dragon Spell, published as the front cover of Titan:The Fighting Fantasy World

2 Fighting Fantasy: Clash of the Princes Advert Puffin Books Advert for Fighting Fantasy two-player Adventure 'Clash of the Princes' double pack by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone as well as Livingstone's 'Trial of Champion'
3 Introduction / Contents Editorial Marc Gascoigne Introduction to the Magazine, Credits and Contents
4 - 5 Citadel's Latest Advert Citadel Miniatures Advert for some of the newest figurers from Citadel Miniatures, including some of their Doctor Who range, C23 Orges, Limited Edition Thrud the Barbarian, C06 Dwarfs, C100 Space Marines, OH5 Oriental Heroes, ADD87 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, C16 Orcs, C09 Dark Elves & C21 ORc Bow Riders
6-7 Omens and Auguries Article Jamie Thomson Gamebook news and Gossip
8 - 11 Into the Unknown Article Graeme Davis D.I.Y. Dungeons for Fighting Fantasy
12 - 13 The Arcane Archive Reviews Paul Cockburn Reviews of latest Gamebooks including:
  • 'Clash of the Princes' ('The Warlock's Way' & 'The Warrior Way') by Andrew Chapman
  • 'Treachery in Drakenwood' & 'Fortress of the Firelord' by Paul Vernon
  • Lone Wolf #7 'Castle Death' by Joe Dever and Gary Chalk
  • 'Madame Guillotine: The French Revolution' by Simon Farrel & Jon Sutherland
14 - 15 Paint Yer Dragon Article Rick Priestley More information on part swaping in miniatures
16 Derek the Troll: Falls in Love Comic Lew Stringer Derek the Troll falls in love with a girl
17 The R.A.T.S. are Here! Competition Competition to win some of the Tomy 'R.A.T.S.' toy line
18 - 19 The Warlock's Quill Letters Reader Letters answered by the Warlock, Letters from:
  • Alex 'The Demonspawn'
  • Nicholas Berry
  • Extracts from Graeme Down
  • Extracts from Arla Kean
  • 'Borgrole the Trole'
  • 'Sir Matt the Marauder' (Paul Wainwright)
  • Darren Nicolaou
  • Darren Feller
  • Robert Clewley
  • Daniel Kemp
  • Andrew Beadnell
  • Carol Hogarth
  • Andrew Brown
20 Adverts Advert Subscription for Games Workshop magazines and Back issues of Warlock
21 Games Day 86 Advert Games Workshop Advert for meeting Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson at Games Day 86
22 - 23 Out of the Pit Article Marc Gascoigne More information on Monsters for Fighting Fantasy including:
  • Lightning Creatures by Barnaby Holmes
  • Shrouded Wanderer by David Picking
  • Cobra People by Simon Hall
  • Arcron by Chris Bormond
24 - 25 Tough on the Streets , Follow the Law Article Information on Judge Dredd and Competition to win some collected Books of Judge Dredd comic strips
26 Law-Gaming! Advert/Article Information on some Judge Dredd Games by Games Workshop including:
  • Judge Dredd - The Board Game
  • Judge Dredd - The Role-playing game
  • Judgement Day
27 Metal Mayhem Advert Citadel Miniatures Painted miniatures:
  • JD13 Sky Surfers - Colin Dixon
  • JD1 Dredd - Colin Dixon
  • JD 9 Fink, Link, Mean Angel - John Blanche
  • JD6 & JD2, Judge Anderson & Judge Fear - Colin Dixon
  • JD3 Perps - John Blanche
  • Imperial Dwarves - Colin Dixon
  • Skaven Battle Crew - Pete Taylor (Dragonmeet winner)
  • RoR3 Groms Goblin Guard - Kev Adams
28-29 Shuggy Hall Brawl Game Paul Cockburn Pull out Judge Dredd Game map and tokens
30 You ae the Law in Mega-city One! Advert Games Workshop Advert for Games Workshop Judge Dredd Games 'Judge Dredd - the Board game', 'Judge Dredd - the Role Playing game' and 'Judgement Day'.
31 - 33 Shuggy Hall Brawl Game Paul Cockburn Rules for the free 'Shuggy Hall Brawl' game.
34 - 51 The Land of Changes Game Ruth Pracy Sequel to Issue 8's Fighting Fantasy game, compatable for both Fighting Fantasy and Dungeons & Dragons. The Next Part was said to be printed in a couple of months time buy with Warlock ending on issue 13, Part 3 was never printed in Warlock. However, it was printed in issue 14 of Proteus Magazine in 1987 under the title 'In Search of the Lost Land'.
52 Adverts Advert Advert for 'Fantasy World' shop,' Lone Wolf Book 7 'Castle Death' by Joe Dever and Gary Chalk, and an answer to complaints to both Warlock and White Dwarf about people not being able to get ordered Asgard Miniatures from Raven Publications.
53 The Challenge of the Fatemaster! Advert Unwin Paperbacks Advert for Unicorn Fatemaster Adventures by Paul Vernon published by Unwin Paperbacks
54 We may not have Eye of Newt at Games Workshop Advert Games Workshop Advert for various products at Games Workshop
55 Busting Loose! Advert Citadel Miniatures Advert for boxed sets
  • MD1 Goblin King's Battle Chariot
  • MD2 Skull Crusher Mighty Goblin Stone Throwing Trebuchet
  • BC6 Chaos Dwarf Renegades
  • BC7 Heroic Fighters of the Known World
56 Deeper & Down Advert Games Workshop advert for Games Workshop's latest Dungeon Floor Plans 'Caverns'