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Lew Stringer (22 March 1959) is a freelanc Comic artist and writer. Starting in the late 1970s fanzines before moving to selling work for Marvel UK in the 1980s. His work as since featured in Marvel UKs 'The Daredevils', 'Action Force', 'The Transformers', for IPC/Fleepway/Egmont in 'Buster', 'Sonic the Comic', 'Oink!', D.C Thompsons 'The Dandy' & 'The Beano' as well as many others.

For Warlock Magazine, published by Penguin Books and Games Workshop, he created 'Derek the Troll' comic strip. When Warlock was cancelled in 1986, Derek the Troll moved to White Dwarf for a short run. Orignally created for a contest in Warlock (which he believed he lost) Derek ran from issue 9 until it' final issue, 13, as well as his initial strip appearing in issue 7, and some art in issue 8. Derek only appeared in 3 issues of White Dwarf and it is unclear why the strip stopped. He was later revived for the Fighting Fantasy 'You are the Hero' book in 2014, as well as having a run on online comic 'Goof!'.

Lew also drew two strips 'Dice Maniac' for Oink! magazine featuring a satire of role-playing games and magazines.

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