Warlock 7

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Warlock #7

Cover Date: December 1985 / January 1986 Cover Price: 95p << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Description
1 The Fellowship of the Ring Art John Blanche Cover, Originally published as the box art for Citadel Miniatures BME1: The Fellowship of the Ring.

Also published in White Dwarf 79 as an illustration for the article "Where and Back Again"

2 Terror of the Lichemaster Advert Citadel Miniatures Advert for Terror of the Lichemaster 'Village Pack'
3 Games Workshop Mail Order Advert Games Workshop Mail Order form from Gams Workshop
4 Fighting Fantasy Software / Masters of Shido Advert Adventure International (UK) & Dixon Miniatures Two Half Page Adverts, One for Fighting Fantasy Computer Software (Spectrum 48K, CMB64 & Amstrad) and one for Dixon Miniatures 'Masters of Shido' range.
5 Introduction / Contents Editorial Ian Livingstone & Steve Jackson Introduction to the Magazine, Credits and Contents
6-7 Omens and Auguries Article Jamie Thomson Gamebook news and Gossip
8 Forbidden Gateway Advert Ian Bailey & Clive Bailey Advert for Forbidden Gateway gamebooks by Ian and Clive Bailey & Games People Play Shop order Form
9 Shops Advert Misc adverts for 'Otherworld Artifcats', Joe Dever and Gary Chalk 'Lone Wolf - The Kingdoms of Terror' game book, and 'Space Oddities' Market.
10-11 Out of the Pit Article Marc Gascoigne Preview/ info from Puffins Monster Guide including information on:
  • Skurasha
  • Glyth
12 Catalogue & Advetures Adverts Catalogue of stuff from Games of Liverpool, as well as listings of other game shops
13 Serious? Advert Miniature Paints Advert for various paints by 'Miniature Paints' at 70p for a 18ml jar
14 - 15 The Warlock's Quill Letters Reader Letters answered by the Warlock, Letters from:
  • Kim Griffith
  • Ruth Lee
  • Jack Arthurs
  • Julian Hawksworth
  • Julian Merriman
  • Jerry Taylor
  • Stephen Soyka
  • Michael Haigh
  • Stuart Neil Hardy
  • Kevin Donger
  • Justin Davies
  • Richard Sloane
  • Jonathan Whitney
  • James Read
16 Fantasy Prints * Subscriptions Advert Artyfax & Games Workshop Advert for Fantasy Prints released by Artyfax as well as Subscriptions from Games Workshop
17 Rieders Axe & Grey Star the Wizard Adverts Adverts for Rieders Axe shop in Leicester and Page & Dever's 'Grey Star the Wizard' gamebook in the Lone Wolf Series
18 - 19 Arkenor & Max Comic Ian McDonald Part 4 of the comic series.
20 - 21 The Arcane Archive Reviews Paul Cockburn Returns of some new Gamebooks including:
  • Falcon Series 'The Renegade Lord', 'The Rack of Baal', 'Mechanon' & 'Lost in Time' by Mark Smith and Jamie Thomson
  • Sagard the Barbarian Series 'The Ice Dragon' & ' The Green Hydra by Gary Gygax and Flint Dille
  • Cretan Chronicles series 'Bloodfield of Altheus' by Philip Parker
  • Forbidden Gateway series 'Where the Shadows Stalk' & 'Terrors out of Time' by Ian and Clive Bailey
22 - 24 Deathtrap on Legs Game Paul Mason & Steve Williams A multi-player Adventure with a nasty Twist, following on from Deathtrap Dungeon.
25 Prize Competition Competition Your chance to capture the Warlock on paper. Another 'draw the Warlock' competition but the winner also gets a Special Edition Citadel Miniature made based on their artwork.
26 - 45 The Temple of Testing Game A. E. Arkle Warlock's Complete Solo Adventure
46 DragonMeet 86 & Derek the Troll Advert & Comic Lew Stringer Advert for Dragonmeet 86 and Lew Stringer first 'Derek the Troll' strip 'It's Tough to be a Troll!'
47 Fantasy in Miniature Article Rick Priestly Rick Priestly brings Tolkien's characters to life

Photos of:

  • ME54 Easterling
  • ME71 Corsairs of Umbar
48 - 50 Adverts Advert Adverts for 'Trail of the Loathsome Slime' Scenario for Call of Cthulhu, 'Queen Victoria and the Holy Grail' Scenario for Golden Heroes, Asgard Miniatures figures from Raven Publications, Beast Enterprises LTD Exclusive game books, and Advanced D&D miniatures by Citadel
51 Fantasy Questbooks Advert Penguin Books Adverts for 'The Path of Peril' and 'Starflight Zero' Fantasy Questbooks with Competition
52 Warrior Knights Advert Games Workshop Advert for the Warrior Knights board game by Games Workshop.