Warlock 6

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Warlock #6

Cover Date: October / November 1985 Cover Price: 95p << | >>


With this Issue, Penguin are now longer publishing Warlock, but Games Workshop has taken over. The magazine becomes a bit more like White Dwarf but still with a major focus on Fighting Fantasy.


Pages Title Category Author Description
1 Untitled Art Chris Achilleos Cover
2 Psychostyrene Advert Citadel Miniatures Advert for Citadel's Psychostyrene Dwarf Miniatures. 3 Mutlipart part hard plastic Dwarfs for 75p
3 Warhammer + Forbidden Gateway Advert Games Workshop & Magnet Advert for Warhammer Fantasy Battle and one for Forbidden Gateway Adventure Gamebooks.
4 Subscriptions Advert Games Workshop Advert For subscriptions to White Dwarf, Warlock, and The Good Games Guide
5 Introduction / Contents Editorial Ian Livingstone & Steve Jackson Introduction to the Magazine, Credits and Contents
6-7 Out of the Pit Article A Multiplicity of Malevolent Monsters. Readers Submission monsters including
  • The Soul Stealer - Anonymous
  • Killer Dice - S. Wilson
  • Sewer Beast - Matt Gillman
  • The Cloud of Chaos - M. D. Freake
8 - 9 Omens and Auguries Article Jamie Thomson Despatches from the gamebook frontier. Updates on the latest news on the game book side
10 - 11 Catalogue & Advetures Adverts Catalogue of stuff from Games of Liverpool, as well as listings of other game shops
12 - 13 The Arcane Archive Reviews Paul Cockburn Reviews of some recent releases:
  • Castle Arcania - 1-on-1 Adventure Gamebook by James M Ward
  • Temple of Terror - Solo Adventure Gamebook by Ian Livingstone
  • The Tasks of Tantalon - Puzzle Book by Steve Jackson
  • Seas of Blood - Solo Adventure Gamebook by Andrew Chapman
  • Prisoners of Pax Tharkas - Solo Adventure Gamebook by Morris Simon
  • Avenger! And Assassin - Adventure Gamebooks by Mark Smith & Jamie Thomson
14 Games Day '85 + Fighting Fantasy Day Advert Advert for Games Day 85 & Fighting Fantasy Day
15 The Tasks of Tantalon Advert Advert for Steve Jacksons Puzzle book 'The Tasks of Tantalon'
16 Tricks and Traps Article Competition winners traps from issue #5:
  • The Death Trap - Kiran Ghanekar (Winner)
  • Venus Fly Trap Tomb - Martin Franks
  • Mirror of Mayhem - Steven Timothy
  • Archway - Edward Young
  • Illusion Pit Trap - Jonathan Harding
  • Giant Slugs - David Leith
18 Arkenor & Max Comic Ian McDonald Part III and the Plot thickens (a bit like lumpy custard)
20 Pearls of Widsom Artcile Collection of Readers' ideas:
  • Cloak & Dagger: Thieves and Assassins in Fighting Fantasy - Mark Hodgson
  • Beasts of the Storm: Animals in Maelstrom - James Wallis
22 Prize Competition Competition It's brain blisteringly difficult. Maze Puzzle
23 Cartoon Competition Winners Article Fantasy Funnies. Competition winners from issue #4:
  • Spencer Chapman
  • Alexander Garland
  • Mark Smith
  • Peter Sidebotham
  • Cathy Watt
  • Patrick Blaine McIntyre
24 - 25 The Warlock's Quill Letters The Warlock deals with the fan-mail and the hate-mail. Letters from:
  • Gary Hitchenor
  • Adrian Jones
  • Peter Andrews
  • Martyn Cooper
  • Adrian Jones (a different one)
  • Joseph Gurney
  • David Thompson
  • David S. J. Hodgson
  • Jeffrey Parker
  • Matthys Holler
  • D. Openshaw
  • Anonymous
  • Steve Hopper
  • P. Crotty
  • Edward Young
  • Peter Joyce
  • Jonathon Thompson
  • Alex Ramsay
  • Andrew Coggle
  • Robert Catherall
26 - 42 The Dark Chronicles of Anakendis Game Andrew Whitworth Complete Solo Adventure
43 Games Workshop Advert Games Workshop Advert or mailorder items from Games Workshop
44-45 Fantasy in Miniature Article Rick Priestley Adding life to fantasy adventures with Rick Priestley. Information on miniature gameing related to Fighting Fantasy.
46 Crossword Competition Results Competition Crossword results and Fighting Fantasy Feedback report.
47 The Lost Shrine of Kasar-Khan Advert Advert for Beast Eenterpirses & Dixon Miniatures
48 When the Smoke Clears... Advert Advert for Tolkien's Middle-earth related Board games.
49 Rider Design, Otherworld Artifacts & Games People Play Advert Rider Design, Other world Artifacts & Games People Play Adverts for Rider Design, Otherworld Artifacts and Game People Play shops
50 Call of Cthulhu Advert Games Workshop Advert for Trail of The Loathsome Slime & Queen Victoria and the Holy Grail modules for Call Of Cathulhu
51 Out of the Pit they come! Advert Puffin Advert for Out of the Pit, Fighting Fantasy Monster guide book
52 They'll Stop at Nothing..... Advert Citadel Advert for the Second Citadel Journal