Warlock 13

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Warlock #13

Cover Date: December 1986 / January 1987 Cover Price: 95p <<


Last Issue of Warlock, despite a number of notes about 'Next issue'.


Pages Title Category Author Description
1 D-Day Devil Art Les Edwards Cover
2 Fighting Fantasy: Creature of Havoc Advert Puffin Books Advert for Fighting Fantasy Book 24 'Creature of Havoc' by Steve Jackson
3 Introduction / Contents Editorial Marc Gascoigne Introduction to the Magazine, Credits and Contents
4 -5 New Citadel Miniatures Advert Citadel Miniatures Advert for various new Citadel Miniatures including
  • D5 Imperial Dwarfs

Lord of the Rings:

  • ME2 Fellowship Heroes
  • ME51 Orcs of the Red Eye

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

  • ADD32 Dwarf Villagers
  • ADD40 Men-at-Arms
  • ADD64 Troglodytes
  • ADD79 Mind Flayers


  • PARA 1 Guards,
  • PARA 2 Troubleshooters
  • PARA 3 Robots,

Limited Edition

  • LE14 'Tinman & Oxy O'Cetylene see [White Dwarf 83]

Judge Dredd

  • JD4 Mega-city one Judges,
  • C29 Young Fire Dragon,
  • C18 Night Horrors and
  • C15 Orc Villagers
6-7 Omens and Auguries Article Jamie Thomson Gamebook news and Gossip
8 - 12 The Dreaming Sands Game Paul Mason Multi-player adventure for the Fighting Fantasy role-playing game
13 The Reaver's Riddles!! Competition Competition to win the lastest Multi-player fighting fantasy adventure, to which the prevous included adventure was a prequel
14 - 15 Absolute Beginners Article Ashley Shepherd Introduction to fantasy board games for the complete Beginner & Competition to win a copy of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain boardgame
16 Paint Yer Dragon Article Rick Priestley Information on assembling and painting plastic miniatures
17 Derek the Troll's 'Orribl Troll-playing Game! Comic Lew Stringer Derek engages in a choose-your-own-adventure quest
18 - 19 Out of the Pit Article Marc Gascoigne new monsters for Fighting Fantasy including:
  • Kragon by David Picking
  • Mire-man by Simon Hall
  • Flame Dead by Mark McLeod
  • Nightshade by Scott Keith

Also final part of Derek's Adventure

20 - 21 The Arcane Archive Reviews Paul Cockburn Review of the latest releases including:
  • Fighting Fantasy 23: Masks of Mayhem by Robin Waterfield
  • DuelMaster 1: Challenge of the Magi by Mark Smith & Jamie Thomson
  • The Slaine Gaming Book by Pat Mills

Plus a competition to win a copy of the Slaine book

22 - 23 The Book of Runes Comic Daren Chandler The guy trying to get the book from Rasgore the Orc meets up with a Dragon.. Part 2
24 - 25 The Warlock's Quill Letters More letters for the Warlock including ones from:
  • 'Haggis McTavish' (Julia Harrison)
  • 'Skrag Beetlenose' (J. King)
  • Simon Hall
  • 'The X-Men'
  • Simon Newman
  • 'Sage An-Onyon' (J.D. Larwood)
  • 'Mr. X'
  • Martin Choules
  • Conor McMullin
  • Mathew 'The Malevolent' Jones
  • 'Son the Sorcerer'

Also the winners of the Judge Dredd Competition and the Tomy R.A.T.S competition

26 Diabological Game Chris Elliott & Richard Edwards Rules for free game 'Diabological'
27 Metal Mayhem Advert Citadel Miniatures A look at some painted Citadel Miniatures
  • D2 Imperial Dwarves
  • C12 Goblins
  • PBS1 Skeleton Horde
28 - 29 Diabological game board and counters Game Cutout tokens game board and tokens for Diabological
30 The Warlock of Firetop Mountain Advert Games Workshop Advert for Games Workshop's The Warlock of Firetop Mountain Board game
31 Diabological Continued Game Chris Elliott & Richard Edwards Continued rules for Diabological
32 - 48 The Temple of the Pharaoh Game Tom Williams Solo Fighting Fantasy Adventure
49 Revolution in the palace! Annocement Alastair Lepez Story and news of Warlock magazine ending and Derek moving to White Dwarf
50 LEEDS Advert Games Workshop Games workshop are openning a new store in Leeds
51 The Magnamund Companion Advert Joe Dever & Gary Chalk Advert for The Magnamund Companion, complete guide to the world of Lone Wolf & Grey Star.
52 Capitol Advert K.J.C. Games Advert for 'Capitol' Britain's most advanced computer moderated play-by-mail game by K.J.C Games
53 Dual Master Advert Mark Smith & Jamie Thomson Advert for the Dual Master 2 player fantasy gamebooks by Mark Smith & Jamie Thomson
54 Warlock Back Issues Advert Games Workshop, Standard Games Advert for back issues of Warlock as well as Standard Miniatures from Standard Games
55 Skeleton Horde Advert Citadel Miniatures Advert for Citadel's PBS1 Skeleton Horde
56 Dungeons & Dragons Advert TSR UK Advert for the Dungeons & Dragons basic rule set 1