Warlock 10

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Warlock #10

Cover Date: June / July 1986 Cover Price: 95p << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Description
1 Art John Blanche Cover
2 Sword of the Samurai Advert Puffin Books Advert for Fighting Fantasy Adventure Gamebook 20: Sword of the Samurai
3 Introduction / Contents Editorial Ian Livingstone & Steve Jackson Introduction to the Magazine, Credits and Contents
4 Games Workshop Mail Order Advert Games Workshop Mail order form for Games workshop products
5 Capitol Advert K.J.C. Games Advert for 'Capitol' Britain's most advanced computer moderated play-by-mail game by K.J.C Games
6 Livingstone on Trial! Article Marc Gascoigne Converstation with Ian Livingstone at Dragonmeet 86 in Birmingham about his latest FF book 'Trial o the Champions'
7 Can you win he Trial of the champions Competition Competition for winning a copy of Ian Livingstone's latest Fighting Fantasy book 'Trial of the Champions'
8 Derek the Troll Comic Lew Stringer Derek the Troll is inlisted.
9 The Arcane Archive Reviews Paul Cockburn Reviews of some new Gamebooks including:
  • Fighting Fantasy: 'Sword of the Samurai' by Mark Smith & Jamie Thomson
  • Fighting Fantasy: 'Trial of the Champions' by Ian Livingstone
  • 'Asterix to the Rescue'
  • 'Chicago Gangsters' and 'Escape from Colditz' by Clive Gifford
  • 'The Last Invasion: 1066' by Simon Farrell & Jon Sutherland
14 Derek's Kwill Letters Reader Letters answered by Deerk the Troll, Letters from:
  • David Burton
  • 'The Brotherhood'
  • 'Lady Arthur the Coward' (Ursula Clarke)
  • N. Craven
  • Barnaby Warne
  • Tony Lansdowne
  • Thomas Turpin
  • S.U. Macklerm
  • Clive the Gangee
  • Anthony Fenton-Jones
  • Guy Berresford
14 - 15 Arkenor & Max Comic Ian McDonald Part 7 of the comic series, and the final chapter
16 - 17 Paint Yer Dragon! Article Rick Priestley Guide to customising and preparing miniatures.
18 - 19 Out of the Pit Article Information and Monsters for Fighting Fantasy including:
  • Exo-Beast by Paul Conway
  • Snakespawn by P. Chare
  • Gremoll by Simon New man
  • Shadow Fiend by Neil Sylvester
  • Droug by David Pearson
20 - 21 Sheet Artistry Article John Blanche information on how John Blanche took Alexis Panayiotou's winning 'Paint the Warlock' image from issue 7's Competition and turned it into the Cover for this issue
22 More Monster Conversions Article Graeme Davis More information on converting monsters from other gamebooks to Fighting Fantasy. This include:
  • Cretan Chronciles
  • Sagad the Barbarian
  • Skyfall
  • Tolkien Quest
23 Conventionally Speaking Article Information on Conventions like Dragonmeet and Games Day
24 - 25 Dicing with Death Interview A talk with Joe Dever
26 - 44 Rouge Mage Game Graeme Davis Single player adventure for both Fighting Fantasy and Dungeons & Dragons
45 Take that! Article Jeremy Adamson Unarmed combat rules for Fighting Fantasy
46 The Chaos-Death Road Show is Coming Advert Advert for the 'Chaos-Death Road Show' and Games Day 86
47 Tunnels and Trolls & Mitregames Advert Adverts for Tunnels and Trolls gamebooks and Mitregames play-by-mail game 'Global Supremacy', along with 'Starmaster', 'Midgard' and 'Tribes of Crane'
48 Adverts Advert Subscription for Games Workshop magazines, advert for Fantadam Design and Warlock Back issues
49 Grenadier Models UK Advert Grenadier Models Advert for Grenadier Models Miniatures.
50 Standard Games - Standard Miniatures, Fighting Fantasy Afternoon and Holiday of Doom? Advert + Information Advert for Standard Games miniature ranges, an afternoon event at Birmingham Library with Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, and information on 'knock-off' Fighting Fantasy Holidays 'Forest of Doom' by Colony Holidays and 'Phanton Forest' by Dolphin Holidays (who appear to be the same comapany)
51 Going Underground Advert Games Workshop Dungeon floor plans 1 by Games Workshop
52 Citadel Miniatures Advert Citadel Miniatures Advert for some Citadel Miniatures, the Citadel Compendium and Citadel Journal