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Imagine Magazine was a monthly magazine dedicated to the first edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons role playing game systems published by TSR UK Limited.


Imagine was published between April 1983 and October 1985. The print run lasted for 31 issues (30 monthly issues and one special edition) before its cancellation.

Don Turnbull was cited as Publisher and Paul Cockburn as Assistant Editor throughout the majority of the lifetime of the publication.

Imagine Magazine was responsible for several creative efforts, notably the Pelinore campaign setting.[1] The magazine also featured the adventure game comic "The Sword of Alabron" in issues 1 to 16. This was briefly revived as a second story arc titled "Auchter's Axe" in issues 29 to 30 prior to the magazine's cancellation.

Several issues contain movie reviews by Neil Gaiman and Colin Greenland. Gaiman had his first short story "Featherquest" published there in May 1984. Gaiman's "How to Sell the Ponti Bridge", reprinted for the first time in M is for Magic was also first published here in March 1985.

Some of the official AD&D material originally published in Imagine was collected and used in Unearthed Arcana.[2]

When TSR UK was shut down, and staff on the magazine were made redundant, they started the publication Game Master, to attempt to preserve the experience of Imagine, which included some popular features such as Pelinore. The magazine also ran various articles containing details on Imagine's closure, and criticized Gary Gygax, and TSR negatively.


Issue Number Date Contents Include
Imagine 1 Apr 1983 First issue. Beacon at Enon Tor: Basic D&D adventure; Aids for Beginners; Figure Painting
Imagine 2 May 1983 Barbarian PC class; For the Honor of the Tribe adventure; Game Fair 83 report;
Imagine 3 Jun 1983 Box for the Margrave: AD&D adventure; Home computer games reviews
Imagine 4 Jul 1983 Cinderella Switch by Anne McCaffrey; Aramax One: Star Frontiers adventure. Wrap-around art
Imagine 5 Aug 1983 Celtic Special. New druid spells from Gary Gygax; Druids: In a Class of Their Own
Imagine 6 Sep 1983 Thief Special. Thief-Acrobat PC class; Jack of All Trades: D&D/AD&D adventure
Imagine 7 Oct 1983 DragonQuest Special
Imagine 8 Nov 1983 Magic-User Special. Cantrips from Gary Gygax; Guardian of the Key to Time adventure
Imagine 9 Dec 1983 Scarlotti board game; Cantrips Part 2; Lyndum: D&D adventure for 0-level characters
Imagine 10 Jan 1984 D&D competition. Wrap-around cover art
Imagine 11 Feb 1984 Cavalier Special. Cavalier PC class; Black Roses adventure; Horse Combat; Social Status
Imagine 12 Mar 1984 Introduction to D&D scenario; Moranme Jobswurf spoof scenario
Imagine 13 Apr 1984 Horror Special
Imagine 14 May 1984 Fire Opal of Set: Traveller adventure
Imagine 15 Jun 1984 Gamesfair report; Marsh Dragon description
Imagine 16 Jul 1984 Egyptian Special
Imagine 17 Aug 1984 Celtic Special 2
Imagine 18 Sep 1984 East Indiaman: Star Frontiers ship class; Scientists in Traveller; Monsters in AD&D
Imagine 19 Oct 1984 Preview of the D&D Companion Set
Imagine 20 Nov 1984. Clerics in D&D
Imagine 21 Dec 1984 Christmas / Marvel Super Heroes Special
Imagine 22 Jan 1985 Michael Moorcock interview / short story / AD&D scenario
Imagine 23 Feb 1985 Ghosts
Imagine 24 Mar 1985 Thieves Special 2
Imagine 25 Apr 1985 Far Eastern Special
Imagine 26 May 1985 Gamesfair report
Imagine 27 Jun 1985 Magic Users Special 2
Imagine 28 Jul 1985 Lycanthropes; Pulps features
Imagine 29 Aug 1985 The Universe According to Bob Shaw
Imagine 30 Sep 1985 Final Issue. Viking Special.