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Imagine Adventure Games Magazine Issue #3 June 1983

Page Title Type Author Content
Cover Art Richard Clifton-Dey
1 Editorial Editorial
4 The Beginners' Guide to Role Playing Games Article Comic Jim Bambra &Paul Ruiz Our feature for the new player, with Part 3 (Engaging in Combat ) of The Adventures of Nic Novice cartoon
7 Stirge Corner Article Roger Musson A guide for the inexperienced player. Respecting and leveraging D&D's intentional lack of detailed rules.
9 Basic or Advanced? Article Noel Williams The D&D and AD&D rules systems contrasted.
12 Tavern Talk News Pete Tamlyn News from Industry and Fandom
12 Game Reviews Review Jim Bambra, Doug Cowie,Ian Knights Games Reviews include:
  • I3 Pharaoh (TSR)
  • U2 Danger at Dunwater (TSR)
  • N1 Against the Cult of the Reptile God (TSR)
17 Illuminations News News from the world of games.
18 The Encounter Fiction Garfield Mark Poem.
21 A Box for the Margrave Adventure Mike Brunton An AD&D Mini-Module for 4-7 characters. Levels 1-2.
31 PAN Pipings News Graeme Morris British Dungeons & Dragons Players\' Association news.
32 Dispel Confusion Article Mike Brunton, Graeme Morris Rules clarifications for D&D.
32 Turnbull Talking Article Don Turnbull Don Turnbull writes about a game he played on car journey with Gary Gygax.
34 Rubic of Moggedon Comic Tim Issaias Chris Scull The mad cat capers continue
35 The Imagination Machine Article Mike Costello Home computer games assessed.
36 Book Review Review David Pringle recent Science Fiction and Fantasy books reviewed