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Imagine Adventure Games Magazine #30 September 1985

Viking themed issue. This is the final issue of the magazine. Many of the writers apparently unaware of this as they write of what will appear in the magazine next issue.


Page Title Type Author Content
Cover The Vikings Art Richard Clifton-Day
1 Editorial Editorial Keith Thomson Viking special issue
2 Magic & Mayhem - Viking! Article/ Setting Graeme Davis Player characters in a Norse campaign.
9 Rune Magic Article David A. Hill, Jr. Secrets of the mystic script.
10 Lore, Lay & Legend - Nine for mortal men doomed to die... Article / Setting Carole Morris The Saga of the Volsungs and mythological source material for Norse campaigns.
15 Pelinore: The City League - The Asylum Setting Brian Garrod IMAGINE magazine's campaign world.
16 Pelinore: The City League - The Deathcart Setting Brian Garrod IMAGINE magazine's campaign world.
17 Pelinore: The City League - The Waxworks Setting Linda Moore IMAGINE magazine's campaign world.
21 Icelanders Setting Reif Dormann & Venetia Lee A campaign setting. The Iceland of the Norsemen, referencing Njal's Saga and Laxdaela Saga.
25 Ragnarok! Adventure Chris Felton A Campaign for the AD&D BATTLESYSTEM Fantasy Combat Supplement. The ultimate battle of the Gods.
35 The Norse Planes of Gladsheim Article Rod Stevenson Adventure in Asgard. The geography of the Norse planes.
38 Dispel Confusion Special Article Carl Sargent Magic. AD&D spells from the Players' Handbook as updated by the Dungeon Masters\' Guide.
40 Illuminations News Doug Cowie News from the world of gaming. Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow.
42 Notices - Game Reviews Reviews Reviews of
  • C5: The Bane of Llewelyn (TSR) reviewed by Mark Davies
  • Grenadier Models reviewed by Mike Brunton (no photos)
  • Twilight 2000: Free City of Krakow (GDW) reviewed by Chris Felton
  • AD&D Battlesystem (TSR) Reviewed by Paul Mason
  • DL5: Dragons of Winter Night (TSR) reviewed by Alan Mynard
  • MSH: Thunder over Jotunheim (TSR) reviewed by Rob Nott
  • B8: Journey to the Rock (TSR) reviewed by Wendy Rose
  • Golden Heroes: Legacy of EAGLES (GW) reviewed by Pete Tamlyn
  • Toon Strikes Again reviewed by Matt Williams
  • The Lonely Mountain (ICE) reviewed by Andy Blakeman
  • Black Morn Manor (Pacesetter) reviewed by Matt Williams
46 Letters Reader/Fan Mail Paul Cockburn
47 VOP Comic Ian Gibbs
48 Fantasy Media Reviews Neil Gaiman Neil stands in for Colin Greenland and reviews:
  • Legend
  • The Living Daylights
  • The Last Dragon
  • Trancers
  • The Wishsong of Shannara
  • Top Science Fiction
  • The Garbage Chronicles
  • The Damnation Game
49 Fanscene Article David Lee Stone "Soapbox" article saying why 'zines are great and you should try them.
50 Fellowship of the Zine Review Mike Lewis Reviews:
  • Lankhmar Star Daily
  • Out of the Mist
  • Oracle of Almost All Knowledge
  • Danse Macabre
  • Balrog Banter
  • Faster than Light
  • Zadra-gorzette
  • Next Stop Jupiter
  • Scan Summer Special
  • Take that You Fiend
  • Masters of the Prime
51 The Man in the Middle Article Brian Creese Running a PBM game
52 Clubs Classified Kim Daniel Classifieds & Events
52 Rubic of Moggedon Comic Exploding Runes!
53 Stirge Corner Article Roger Musson The D&D combat system is distinguished by its simplicity...
54 Turnbull Talking Article Don Turnbull What happens inbetween adventures
55 Auchters Axe Comic Ian Williamson Aucher has arrived in little Dollop