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Imagine Adventure Games Magazine Issue #1, April 1983


Name Role
Keith Thompson Editor
Paul Cockburn Assistant Editor
Kim Daniel Editorial Assistant
Philip Kaye Art supervisor

Contributing artists

  • Rodney Matthews
  • Ian Williamson
  • Jeremy Goodwin
  • Tanya Long
  • Dani Kaye
  • Geoff Wingate
  • Pete Young


Page Title Type Author Content
Cover Elric & Moonglum Art Rodney Matthews Elric & Moonglum face an evil red dragon.

Originally published as a poster by the Big O Poster Co. in 1977 [1]

1 Introduction and Credits Editorial Gary Gygax Don Turnbull Two letters to the reader from Gary Gygax and Don Turnbull welcoming the reader to the 1st issue.
2 Contents and Editorial Editorial
4 The Beginners Guide to Roleplaying Games Article Jim BambraPaul Ruiz An introduction to role-playing with part 1 (Buying the Game) of "The Adventures of Nic Novice" cartoon
7 Stirge Corner Article Roger Musson "A page for the not-so-experienced adventurer" - A regular column about D&D and Role-Playing. This
8 QB-161-01:Antares Fiction John E. Black Fantasy story.
14 Illuminations News (Uncredited) The latest news in the gamming industry.
16 Book Reviews Review David Pringle Reviews:
  • Myths of the Near Future by J G Ballard.
  • In Viriconium by M John Harrison.
  • The Fifth Head of Cerberus by Gene Wolfe
  • The Science in Science Fiction (Peter Nicholls)
  • What is Dungeons and Dragons? (John Buterfield, David Honigman, Philip Parker)
  • Dicing With Dragons (Ian Livingstone)
19 Illusionary Script Article (Uncredited) A mindbending puzzle by Gordius.
21 The Beacon at Enon Tor Adventure Mike Brunton A Basic D&D adventure for 4-7 1st Level Characters.
31 D&D Player's Association News News Graeme Morris "Pan Pipings"; A regular editorial column.
32 Dispel Confusion Editorial Mike Brunton & Graeme Morris Questions and Answers on Dungeon & Dragons and Star Frontiers.
32 Turnbull Talking Editorial Don Turnbull A regular column with views from Don Turnbull
34 The Saga of Rubic of Moggedon Comic Tim Issaias & Chris Scull Episode 1 of the cats adventures.
36 Tavern Talk Article Pete Tamlyn Industry, fan news and gossip.
36 Game Reviews Review Jim Bambra Paul Cockburn Reviews:
38 Figure Painting Miniatures Painting Mike Brunton How to get the best results from your figures
44 Letters, Fanzine Reviews, Club News & Events News Fanzines:
  • Wargame News
  • Astradyne #57
  • Cerebo #16
  • 20 Years on #4
  • Acolyte #43
  • British Fantast Newsletter
  • Dragonlords #14
  • Greatest Hits #104
46 The Sword of Alabron Comic Ian Williamson


Page Title Company Product
Inside Cover The Adventure is Yours TSR D&D Basic and Expert Set (Mentzer)
6 Roleplaying as it is meant to be Flying Buffalo
  • Tunnels and Trolls (and supplements)
  • Berserker
  • The Morrow Project
6 Chronicle Miniatures Chronicle Miniatures

No photographs appear in the advert.

6 Southsea Models Retailer
  • Minifigs
  • Citadel
13 Fantasy World Retailer Stoke-on-Trent
13 Swordplay Issue 2 Magazine 33% more pages! 70p
13 Dragontower Peacock Games Miniatures Carry case
13 Starburst Scifi / Film Magazine
14 The most dangerous game... Marvel Comics
  • Spiderman Weekly
  • The Daredevil
14 Life sized weaponry Treasure Island Hardwood swords, Battleaxes and shields from stok or made to order
15 Odyssey 7 Retailer Manchester
15 An Age undreamed of... Marvel Comics The Savage Sword of Conan
17 Esdevium Games Mail order & Retail
18 Northen Games Day Convention 9th / 10th April 1983. AD&D, Runequest, T&T participation wargames, figure painting, University of manchester.
18 Not Just Stamps Retailer High Wycombe
20 Bushido Fantasy Games Unlimited Roleplaying Adventure in Feudal Japan
20 Games 'n' Models Retailer Hull
20 Beatties Retailer "TSR HOBBIES, GAMES WORKSHOP, SMURFS". - UK-wide retail chain of toy shops.
28 Minifigs Miniatures The best name in Wargames (poor) photogaphs of the Aureola Rococo range: