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Imagine Adventure Games Magazine Issue #2, May 1983


Page Title Type Author Content
Cover The Wizard of Lemuria Art Les Edwards
1 Editorial and Credits Editorial
2 Contents and Forthcoming Features Editorial Contents, Forthcoming Features and a article about the Contributors.
4 The Beginners Guide to Roleplaying Games Article Jim Bambra & Paul Ruiz An introduction to role-playing with part 2 (Rolling up a Character) of \"The Adventures of Nic Novice\"
7 Stirge Corner Article Roger Musson "A page for the not-so-experienced adventurer" - A regular column about D&D and Role-Playing.
8 The big, bad Barbarian Article Gary Gygax A new character class, The Barbarian. First published in the Dragon (Issue 63 - Jul 1982) magazine.
12 Games Fair 83 News Paul Cockburn A report on GamesFair 83 which took place at the University of Reading (UK)
14 Ilumination News (Uncredited) The latest news from the world of games.
16 Letters, Fanzines, Reviews, Club News & Forthcoming Events News Letters, clubs, hobbymeets, forthcoming events and mini reviews on Fanzines.
18 Horrorscopes Article Chris Bayliss Stars Signs for a Fantasy RPG.
21 For the Honour of the Tribe Adventure Graeme Morris An AD&D adventure for 4-6 first level characters, using the Barbarian character class from this issue.
31 D&D Player's Association News News Graeme Morris "Pan Pipings"; A regular editorial column.
32 Dispel Confusion Editorial Questions and Answers on Dungeon & Dragons, Star Frontiers and Top Secret.
32 Turnbull Talking Editorial Don Turnbull A regular column with views from Don Turnbull.
34 Rubic of Moggedon Comic Tim Issaias & Chris Scull Cartoon strip
36 Tavern Talk Article Pete Tamlyn News from industry & Fandom