White Dwarf 1

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White Dwarf #1
White dwarf 01 front cover.jpeg

Cover Date: June / July 1977 Cover Price: 50p / $1.50 >>


Pages Title Category Author Description
1 Untitled Art Chris Beaumont Cover
3 Editorial Contents & Editorial Ian Livingstone
4 Metamorphosis Alpha Scene Art Chris Beaumont
5-7 Metamorphosis Alpha Metamorphosis Alpha Ian Livingstone Suggestions for the new SF role-playing game rules & campaign ideas derived from novels.
7 D&D Society D&D News and enrolling procedure
9-11 Monstermark System D&D Don Turnbull A method for assessing monster malignity by Don Turnbull
  • The 'D' Factor: Defence
  • The 'A' Factor: Aggressiveness
  • The Monstermark: Challenge Rating
    • Special Powers
    • The Undead and other 'Specials'

(Part 1, also in Best of White Dwarf, 1980; Part 2 in White Dwarf 2 , and Part 3 in White Dwarf 3) Expands on article that appeared in Owl & Weasel 22

12-13 Open Box Reviews Sci-Fi & Fantasy Games Reviewed
14-15 Competitive D&D : An introduction D&D Fred Hemmings Part 1, Part 2 in White Dwarf 2. Review of a tournament between two parties.
15 No Way Out? D&D puzzles D&D David Wells
  • Tweadledum and Tweadledee: Riddle
  • The Hireling: Riddle
  • The Orcs' Den: Puzzle
16-17 D&D Campaigns : Part I - Philosophy D&D Lewis Pulsipher

D&D Styles: Playing Style

  • Game: Rules Mechanics
  • Escapism: Narrative Play
  • Campaign continuity & rationale

(Also in Best of White Dwarf, 1980, related issues: White Dwarf 3, White Dwarf 4 & White Dwarf 5)

17 The Keeper of the Flame Comic Taupi Comic
18-19 The Warlord Review Steve Jackson Analysis of the nuclear wargame The Warlord
20-21 Treasure Chest D&D A miscellany of D&D additions
  • Helm of Vision: Magic Item - Steven Littlechild
  • What's Wrong with D&D ... and what I'm doing about it! Andrew D. Holt Alternative rule suggestions:
    • The Combat System: Card system for choosing attack and defense actions
    • The Magic System: Player action requirements that are commensurate with spell difficulty
    • The "Party" Effect: Keeping inactive players engaged
    • Final Remarks
  • The Pervert An "Alternative" Class - Ian Waugh
  • Poison: Alternative rule suggestion for strength of poison vs. constitution - Alan Youde
22 Classifieds Community Help!: Clubs, Contacts & Events, Letters, No Way Out?: Solutions to puzzles on page 15
24 Art Fangorn Back Cover


Pages Title Category Author Description
2 The Quest of Thane Tostig Tabletop Wargame Fantasy Miniatures Game pulbished by Barry Minot
2 Monsters! Monsters! RPG ' RPG to play as monsters, for Tunnels & Trolls
2 Chris Harvey Games Games Retailer '
7 Stellar Conquest Board Game
8 Tally Ho Games Retailer
8 The British Fantasy Society Society BFS: Literature, Files, Art, etc.
19 Navwar Miniatures Selling Minot Miniatures including
17 Godsfire Board Game published by metagaming, advert by Games Center.
21 The Ythri Board Game 1/4 page based on the novel, The People of the Wind, by Poul Anderson
23 Games Workshop Mail Order Games Workshop