The First Citadel Compendium

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Published in October 1983

All rules and content are for Warhammer 1st Edition.


Page Title Author Illustrator Description
Cover Chaos Broo John Blanche
3 WELCOME TO THE CITADEL COMPENDIUM Bryan Ansell Tony Ackland Introduction and editorial.
5-10 WARHAMMER - THE CONTNUING SAGA Tony Ackland Advanced rules and modifications for Warhammer
  • Turn Sequence
  • Return Fire
  • Weapons Differentation
  • Fighting Defensively
  • Using Mounted Figures
  • Dismounting Opponents
  • Unicorn
  • Pegasus
  • Magicians and Armour
  • Vampires
  • Personal Characteristics
  • Firing Arcs
  • Spectres
  • Personal Characteristics - Advanced Rules
11 THE CITADEL MAILING CLUB NEWS PAGE Create a Warhammer character competition.
14-15 ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS GUIDE TO PAINTING MINIATURES Tony Ackland Tony Ackland A step by step guide to painting Citadel models
16-21 WARHAMMER - SCIENCE FICTON Rick Priestley Tony Ackland and Tony Yates Futuristic weaponry in Fantasy games
22-51 THE CITADEL CATALOGUE Tony Ackland and Richard Harcourt
  • C01 Fighters
  • C02 Wizards
  • C03 Clerics
  • C04 Thieves
  • C05 Specialists
  • C06 Dwarf Adventurers
  • C07 Dwarf Warriors
  • C08 Dwarf Warriors
  • C09 Elves
  • C10 Humanoid Adventurers
  • C12 Great Goblins
  • C13 Night Goblins
  • C14 Lesser Goblins
  • C15 Armoured Orcs
  • C16 Orcs
  • C17 Skeletons
  • C18 Undead
  • C19 Zombies
  • C20 Trolls
  • C21 Fantasy Cavalry
  • C22 Creatures
  • C23 Ogres
  • C24 Monsters
  • C25 Animals
  • C26 Lizardmen
  • C27 Lesser Lizardmen
  • C28 Giants
  • C28 Creepy Crawlies
  • C30 Large Monsters
  • C32 Giant Monsters
  • C32 Villagers
  • C33 Mounted Adventurers
  • C35 Champions of Chaos
  • C36 Hobgoblins
  • C37 Medieval Adventurers
  • C38 Medieval Adventurers
  • C39 Medieval Cavalry
  • Traveller Blister Packs
  • Runequest Broo Blister Packs
  • Speciality Sets
    • SS1 Warriors of Chaos
    • SS2 The Dwarf Kings Court
    • SS3 Night Elf Patrol
    • SS4 Goblin Raiding Party
    • SS5a Warrior Knights of Law
  • Dungeon Adventurer Starter Set
  • Dungeon Monster Starter Set
  • Bryan Ansells Heroic Adventurers
  • Bryan Ansells Chaos Marauders
  • Runequest
    • 1. Humanoid Adventurers
    • 2. Adventurers
    • 3. Attack of the Broo
    • 4a. Broo 2
    • 5. Dragonewts
    • 6. Humanoids and Aldryami

Ral Partha

  • RP1 Elves
  • RP2 Small Humanoids
  • RP3 Goblins and Orcs
  • RP4 Adventurers
  • RP5 Monsters
  • RP6 Giant Monsters
  • Ral Partha Boxed Sets

The Citadel Giant

52-57 THE LEGEND OF KREMLO THE SLANN Richard Halliwell John Blanche *A special scenario for Warhammer players with maps
  • Alcoholism rules for norse berserkers, giants etc.
58 COMING YOUR WAY! Forthcoming Publications from Citadel
  • Realms of Chaos
  • Forces of Fantasy
59 Rogue Trader Rick Priestly Coming Soon... Science Fiction Role Play System
59 THE SPACEFARERS Science Fiction models from Citadel
60-66 THE MARK OF CHAOS Bryan Ansell John Blanche and Tony Ackland Chaos Characters, Attributes and Role-Play
  • Leaping Slomm Two Face
  • Zygor Snake-Arms
67-68 ELDRITCH EPISTLES A selection of letters from readers and modellers
29 THE WARHAMMER PLAY SHEET At last! a useful pull out (and amended)

Rogue Trader

Notably much of the "Warhammer and Sci-Fi" forms the basis of the Rogue Trader rules - including skirmish formation, Bolt Guns, Hand Flamers and other equipment. Rogue Trader itself is mentioned several times, described variously as 'spaceship combat rules' and 'science fiction roleplaying'. The editorial also mentions that the forthcoming Rogue Trader miniatures will be based on the Spacefarers range, which including such as Imperial Marines.