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Metal Mayhem was a short run series of advertorials in the "'eavy Metal" style of colour photographs of painted citadel miniatures, produced by Games Workshop and published in Warlock Magazine from 1986/87.

Issue Title Category Author Description
Warlock 11 Metal Mayhem Advert Citadel Miniatures Painted miniatures:
  • JD13 Sky Surfers - Colin Dixon
  • JD1 Dredd - Colin Dixon
  • JD9 Fink, Link, Mean Angel - John Blanche
  • JD6 & JD2, Judge Anderson & Judge Fear - Colin Dixon
  • JD3 Perps - John Blanche
  • Imperial Dwarves - Colin Dixon
  • Skaven Battle Crew - Pete Taylor (Dragonmeet winner)
  • RoR3 Groms Goblin Guard - Kev Adams
Warlock 12 Metal Mayhem Advert Citadel Miniatures Colour photos of painted miniatures:
  • RoR1 Bugman
  • JD14 Strontium Dog - Johnny Wulf, Gronk
  • ME Gimli, Frodo, Sauron,
  • C23 Ogre Shaman
  • C35 Chaos Warrior - Slambo
  • C23 Ogre Thug
  • C21 Orc Boar Rider
  • C35 Chaos Warrior - Papworth Organgrinder
  • PS3 Warlock of Firetop Mountain Miniatures [1]
Warlock 13 Metal Mayhem Advert Citadel Miniatures A look at some painted Citadel Miniatures
  • D2 Imperial Dwarves
  • C12 Goblins
  • PBS1 Skeleton Horde