Warlock 2

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Warlock #2

Cover Date: 1984 Cover Price: 95p << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Description
1 Untitled Art Peter Andrew Jones Cover
2 White Dwarf Advert Games Workshop Advert for White Dwarf
3 Introduction / Contents Editorial Ian Livingstone & Steve Jackson Introduction to the Magazine, Credits and Contents
4-5 Out of the Pit Article Vital Information about monsters you may meet:

100 monsters from Ape-Dog to Zombie

6-7 Warlock Profile Article Profile no. 1 - Peter Andrew Jones. Profile on artist Peter Jones with extracts of his work.
8-10 Sam, Cars and the Cuckoo Prose Garth Nix Short story set in a simliar word to the Sci-fi Fighting Fantasy storie
11 - 21 The Warlock of Firetop Mountain: Part Two Game Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone Sections 274 - 400 with Illustrations from The Warlock of Firetop Mountian Fighting Fantasy Gamebook.
22 Caverns of the Snow Witch Game Ian Livingstone Introduction to the Game story 'Caverns of the Snow Witch'.
24-25 Adventure Sheet Resource Adventure Sheet for Caverns of the Snow Witch
26 Background Prose Background information for Caverns of the Snow Witch
27-49 Caverns of the Snow Witch Game Ian Livingstone Complete 190 Section gamebook with Illustrations.
50 Cartoon Competition Competition Create a Comic strip for Warlock, First prize £100, 5 runner-up prizes of £20.
51 The Seven Serpents Advert Advert for Steve Jackson's Sorcery Gamebook 3 'The Seven Serpents'
52 The Quest of Quests Continues... Advert Advert for Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks:
  • Deathtrap Dungeon
  • Island of the Lizard King
  • Fighting Fantasy - Create your own Adventure#