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I run this wiki! It's also open for other people to contribute, please get in touch via: zhu (at) or via Oldhammer Forum if you'd like to contribute or have corrections / amendments for anything here.

Currently going through the first 100 White Dwarf listings and adding author information missing from the Exodite index, so the writers are credited. When credited, I'm also creating a brief biography page for each author category:person, often a scrape from Wikipedia, if they have an entry, otherwise researching and writing it myself. When that's cleared, will list authors contributions on their pages. Often sidetracked by Trollcrusher and other zineful things.

Useful Research Places

Early fantasy gaming come from 3 sources, Postal Gaming, especially Diplomacy and members of Avalon Hill International Kriegspiel Society, Science Fiction Fandom and Miniatures Wargaming.

Don Turnbull and Hartley Patterson emerge as prime movers in the early-adoption of D&D in the UK.

  • Google search:
    • Diplomacy Zine Archive [1]
    • [2]
    • Dave Langfords Ansbile [3]
    • Lost Minis Wiki [4]
    • BSFA Magazine index [5]
  • Robert Beatties History of Wargaming Timeline [6]
  • VTT's index to Avalon Hills The General magazine [7]
  • Dragondex - Dragon magazine index [8]
  • British Fanzine Bibliography (1971-80) [9]