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14:12, 3 August 2016Alarums and Excursions 19 cover.jpg (file)118 KBZhu BajieAlarums & Excursions #19 Front Cover by Dick Eney1
14:20, 14 May 2014Castle of bone.jpg (file)60 KBZhu Bajiemetadata changes1
14:06, 1 December 2013Dragon magazine 55 white dwarf advert.jpg (file)236 KBZhu BajieAdvertisement for White Dwarf Magazine appearing in Dragon Magazine 55 (November 1981)1
06:41, 30 November 2013Heroquest box cover artwork.jpg (file)575 KBZhu BajieHeroquest Box Cover Original Artwork (without graphics) painted by Les Edwards1
06:19, 30 November 2013Advanced heroquest box cover.jpg (file)737 KBZhu BajieAdvanced Heroquest box cover artwork by John Sibbick1
03:06, 26 November 2013Zx heroquest loading.png (file)10 KBZhu BajieZX Spectrum loading screen of HeroQuest1
13:12, 27 October 2013Dark future white line fever.jpg (file)325 KBZhu BajieDark Future : White Line Fever cover artwork by Les Edwards1
13:06, 27 October 2013Dark future cover.jpg (file)730 KBZhu BajieDark Future: Highway Warriors by [Les Edwards] []1
14:12, 19 October 2013Rogue trader cover.jpg (file)58 KBZhu Bajie 1
13:32, 19 October 2013Seed.jpg (file)90 KBZhu Bajie 1
12:38, 20 August 2013White dwarf magazine 11 cover.jpg (file)48 KBZhu BajieReverted to version as of 12:02, 20 August 20133
02:02, 2 July 2013Warhammer-second-edition-cover.jpg (file)77 KBZhu BajieJohn Blanche cover for Warhammer 2nd Edition.1
10:49, 1 July 2013Sorcery wap screenshot.jpg (file)52 KBZhu Bajietrying to fix thumbnail version2
09:06, 11 June 2013White dwarf 01 front cover.jpeg (file)78 KBZhu BajieWhite Dwarf #1 front cover.1