Alarums & Excursions 19

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Alarums & Excursions #19

Feb 1977


Pages Title Category Author Description
1 Untitled Art Dick Eney Cover
3 Editorial Contents Lee Gold
4 Tantivy Comments Lee Gold Comments on A&E 18
5 Senile Sage Too oD&D Robert J Clifford Dungeon mapping and design, Alignment and XP, MUs, Alternative Spell Learning system,
9 Kill Slavus the Clever oD&D Glen F. Blacow Magic Rich + Magic Poor campaigns, Campaign Report: The Shattered Tower , Thievish Missile Weapons, Comments on A&E 16, Comments on A&E 17, Edwyr House Rules Booklet, Monster: The Spitting Cobra
20 The Foible oD&D Don Rollins Expeditions Ltd, Fullerton Wargames Club, UCI, High level play (12th), Class: Empath,
21 Octagram One oD&D Jim Thomas Descirption of the Kosm campaign setting, Comments on A&E 16, Play Report, Magic System (revised),
26 A Fanzine oD&D Bob Giglio Class: Expert Fighters
27 Some Thoughts oD&D Cheryl P. Lloyd Enchanted Items, Magical Swords,
33 ABZ-OZA #2 oD&D Larry Stehle Critical Hit Chart (hit locations), Monster: Redheads, Monster: Black Leeches, Monster: The Serpent People, Comments on A&E 17
33 Comments Comments Gordon Johansen Complains there are too many comments.
34 Many Worlds Comments Margaret Gemignani Comments on A&E 18
36 Comments oD&D Rick Elleman Gate Spell in Greyhawk, Warlock from A&E 8
36 comment oD&D Graham Buckell D&D in Britain (Cambridge Uni),
37 Bably-On #3 oD&D Howard Mahler Boston Wintercon, Oriental D&D play report, Comments on A&E17, PrinceCon,
39 Bably-On #3 oD&D Eric C. Baines System: XP and Prime Requisites, Campaign Journal: Lord Eric,
42 comment oD&D Michael McCausland Suggests lowering prices
42 comment oD&D Cheryl P. Lloyd Enchant objects spell, magic Harp.
43 Portal to Tehporalana #12 oD&D Wayne Shaw Class: Ninja, Futuristic Weapons, Comments on A&E 19
49 Shadows over Darkhold #1 oD&D, Metamorphosis Alpha, John Sullivan Expeditions Ltd. , Dungeonmastering, Class: Cleric (revised), Class: Demon Fighter,
53 The Tuesday Morning Report #7 oD&D Steve Perrin DunDraCon II:
  • Greg Stafford White Bear Red Moon (minor mention),
  • Legion miniatures rules (minor mention),
  • How D&D Magic relates to "Real Magic" - Isaac Bonewits (minor mention)

All the Worlds Monsters, Perrin Conventions,

57 The Shores of Infinity oD&D Chris Pettus Monster: Flame Devil, Monster: Gorn, Monster: Horta, Monster: Power Cat, Race: Gorn, Spell: Trace Teleoprt, Spell: Detect Life, Spell Detect Shield, Item: Phasers, Comments on A&E 18
62 Letter oD&D Jay Saylor Justification for publishing more Dragons,
63 cleareather oD&D Samuel Edward Konkin Cartoon of Female Adventuers and TSR staff as dummies (Sandy McIntosh), Female Characers, Lawful Demons, Orthoganal Aligment, Wargrypt, Terra Supra, Comments on Alarums & Excursions 16, wooduct illustration of a multi-limbed pig beast,
67 Earth's End #2 oD&D Jim Bolton Convention Report: OrcCon, Magic System (alteration), Magic Items: Rings, Comments on A&E 18, Monster:Morf, Monster: Bull of Inde,
70 Many Worlds Part Two oD&D Margaret Gemignani Comments on A&E 18, The Ecology Box (tabletop dungeon), Filk
76 Kens Character Corner #11 oD&D Margaret Gemignani Campaign Journal: T-Town, Comments on A&E 18, Convention Report: OrcCon
79 Searchlight #5 oD&D Bill Paley Campaign Journal: World of Seven Moons, Comments on A&E 18,
84 To Fantasy Wargamers Letter Bryan Ansell Open invitation to contribute to Trollcrusher zine.
85 Kill Slavus the Clever #8 oD&D Glenn F. Blacow Bards (adjustments), Dungeonmastery: Problem Solving Games, Deity:Fenris, Comments on A&E 18, Monster: Iron Demon,
95 Notes for the Underground #14 oD&D Glenn F. Blacow Convention Report: OrcCon, Filk, Comments on A&E 18, Advancement table for Blink Dogs, Spell: Teleport (adjustment).
103 Danger Lurks! oD&D Kevin Slimak Comments on A&E 18, Class: Priests of GOW (references Empire of the Petal Throne),
107 The Lost Mask #8 oD&D, Metamophasis Alpha, Stewart Levin Comments on A&E 18, Adventure for Metamophis Alpha, Monster: Rubber Golem; Monster: Dream Plant, Roskilde Skaar PBM,
111 I Was a Level Nine Magic User for the F.B.I oD&D Lew Wolkoff Review: TSR Vampire Castle, Dungeon Design:Troys, Campaign Journal, Spell: Flash, Spell: Dream, Comments on A&E 17, Comments on A&E 18,
111 Feet Don't Fail Me Now oD&D Jim Eckman Class: Thief (update), Class: Cleric (turning demons),
110 Kirel's Mirror #8 oD&D Kay Jones Comments on A&E 18, Monster: Sentient Mist, Filksong, Alignment,
110 Alberich's Ring #2 oD&D John T. Sapienza Class: Elven Fighting Mage as combined class, Spell Points, Comments on A&E #18,
127 The Griffins Quill #6 oD&D Charlie Luce Comments on A&E #18, Fiction: Viginette, OrcCon Report, Filksong, Dragons.
132 The Castlemere Gazette oD&D John Pickens Tournament D&D, Phantasmal Force, Illusionist Spells,
135 From Merlins Isle #2 oD&D Martin Easterbrook D&D in UK, London different from Nottingham, UK zines: News From Bree, Owl and Weasel, Leviathan, Military Modelling, Battle, WRG Midgard, Miniatures: Greenwood and Ball, Comments on A&E 18,
137 Horrors from Hagtown oD&D Bob Hollander Campaign Chatacters: Lawful Bone Family, Monster: Wandering Eye, Monster: Dilemma, Alignment,
139 Hoof & Mouth #5 oD&D Cary Martin Character Class: Ninja, Psionics Rules, Comments on A&E #18, Dungeonmastery: Overpowered characters.
143 Sindasil #1 oD&D Ben Grossman Zine: Haven Herald #6, Rules: Levels
143 The Adventure of the Lost City #2 Fiction Eric Holmes The Sorcerer's Tower, feat. Hobbit, Monster: Dragon Turtle,