White Dwarf 20/Molten Magic

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Black and white labeled photographs of:

Ral Partha

  • High Elf Archer (CS14)
  • Hobgoblin Archer (CS64)
  • Cloaked Hobgoblin Archer (CS62)
  • Wood Elf with Bow (CS1)
  • Elf Command Group Officer (CS19c)
  • High Elf with Sword (Cs10)
  • Fantasy Wolf (CS90
  • Wood Elf Cavalry with Spear (CS5)
  • High Eld Cavalry with Great Sword (CS15)
  • Dwarf Command Group Drummer
  • Dwarf Command Group Chieftain
  • Dwaff with Two Handed Sword
  • Dwarf Command Group Hornblower
  • Dwarf with Crossbow
  • Dwarvish Vard
  • Maiden mounted on Unicorn (ES71)

These miniatures may be seen here: Lost Minis Wiki : Ral Partha CS Range

Citadel Miniatures

  • Evil Cleric (FA22)
  • Necromancer (FA25)
  • Vampire (FF58)
  • Giant Wyvern FF61
  • Ogre (FF53)
  • Wight (FF59)
  • Pack Camel (DA11)

These Miniatures may be seen here: CCMwiki : FA Range

Asgard Miniatures

  • Evil Giant Rat (FM60)
  • Giant Weasel (FM60a)

These miniatures may be seen at: Lost Minis Wiki : Asgard : FM range


It is notable that all these figures are produced in the UK by Citadel Miniatures and distributed through Games Workshop.