White Dwarf 15

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White Dwarf Magazine 15 October / November 1979


Pages Title Category Author Description
Cover Art Eddie Jones
08-10 How to lose Hit Points and Survive D&D (also in Best of 83)
10-13 Expanding Universe Traveller Andy Slack : Additions to Traveller Rules, Part 3 (Also in Best of 80)

Campaign Location Stellar Systems Planets Alien Life Robots

14-17 The Barbarian Game Ian Livingstone Boardgame
20-21 Open Box Review *Metagaming Microgames
    • Ice War
    • Black Hole
  • King Arthur's Knights boardgame by Chaosium
  • Traveller Aids from Judges Guild
    • Traveller Screen
    • The Traveller Logbook
    • Starships and Spacecraft
  • Animal Encounters (Traveller Supplement 2) by GDW
22-23 Treasure Chest D&D *Determining Height and Weight
  • Energy Drainers
  • Who Goes to Sleep? Sleep spell affects
  • New Magic Items
    • The Helping Hand
    • Fenway's Silver Slippers
    • Zailin's Sleeping Suit
    • Mindel's Glass of Seeing
    • Key of Welcome
24-25 Fiend Factory D&D
  • Heat Monster
  • Tacharanid
  • Dragon Dog
  • Russian Doll Monster
  • Time Freezer
  • Pebble Gnome (Also see "Fiend Factory: Inhuman Gods" in WD 42 )