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Molten Magic article in White Dwarf 14 listing of black and white photos of miniatures releases for August / Spetember 1979.

Greenwood & Ball

  • Dwarf with Spear and Shield (SS129)
  • Adventurer with Two-handed Sword (SS112)
  • Cleric with Club and Shield (SS115)
  • Adventurer with Two-handed Axe (SS11)

Asgard Miniatures

  • Cierlc(DA31)
  • Magic User (DA33)
  • Fighter (DA41)

Fantasy Figures Unlimited

  • Assorted Gangsters (G1)

Miniature Figurines (MiniFigs)

  • Skeleton with Basket of Bones (VFW119)
  • Skeleton with Barrel (VFW118)
  • Skeleton holding Lantern (VFW120)

These are Valley of the Four Winds miniatures. They may be seen at the Lost Miniatures Wiki

Grenadier Models

  • Carrion Creeper (W58)
  • Orion (G6)

Archive Miniatures

  • Samurai (402)

Martian Metals

All 15mm

  • Eastern Man (FF63)
  • Rider of the East (FF60)
  • Hobgoblins (FF7)

Ral Partha

  • Werewolf (ES61)
  • Air Elemental (ES64)

Citadel Miniatures

  • Giant Spider (FF49)
  • Goblin Firing Bow (FF22)
  • Minotaur (FF17)
  • Giant Scorpion (FF50)
  • Salaman Warrior with Sword (FF45)
  • Salaman Warrior with Pike (FF42)
  • Great Fire Dragon (FF33)
  • Bard with Sword and Lute (FA6)
  • Paladin with Sword (FA10)
  • Illusionist (FA11)
  • Dwarf with Two-handed Hammer(FA15)
  • Hero's Armour hanging on Post IF S26)
  • Naked Girl in Stocks (FS29)
  • Victim in Iron Cage hanging from Gibbet (FS22)