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Warhammer Fantasy Battles Fourth Edition

Index of the articles for Warhammer Fantasy Battles 4th edtion appearing in White Dwarf Magazine issues 150-200.

Issue Article Type Description
WD 150 Halfling Hot Pot  Rules Empire halflings
WD 151 Imperial Steam Tank Rules Imperial Steam Tank
  • Background & Rules
WD 152 Imperial Outriders Rules Imperial Outriders
  • Repeater Musket
  • Repeater Pistol
Background *The Dwarf Realms : History and Culture
  • The Dwarf Strongholds
    • The Dwarf Realms
  • Black Water: Varn Drazh
  • Black Fire Pass: Haz-Drazh-Kadrin
  • Mad Dog Pass: Varag Kadrin
  • Black Crag: Karag-Drazh
  • Volcanoes
  • Karag-Haraz: Flaming Mountain
  • Karag Dron: Thunder Mountain
  • The Imperial Dwarf Highway: Underground Roads
  • Karak-Ungor: Delving Hold
  • Karak-Kadrin: Peak Pass
  • Karak-Varn: Crag Mere
  • Zhufbar: Torrent Gate
  • Karaz a Karak: Ever Peak
  • Karag Eight Peaks: 'Queen of the Silver Depths' (Vala-Azril-Ungol)
  • Karak-Azul: Iron Peak
  • Karak-Azgal: Hoard Peak
  • Barak-Varr: Sea Gate
  • Other Dwarf Enclaves
  • Black Mountains and the Grey Mountains
  • The Vaults
  • Norse Dwarfs
  • Chaos Dwarfs
  • Expatriate Dwarfs
  • Dwarf Chronology
  • The Dwarf Language and Runic Script: Dwarf Runes
WD 153 Dwarf Rune Weapons Rules Dwarf Rune Weapons
  • Dwarfs and Magic
  • Dwarf Runesmiths
  • Dwarf Runes
  • Forging a Rune Weapon
  • Using Dwarf Runes in Warhammer Fantasy Battle
  • Dwarf Name Runes
  • Dwarf Rune Weapons
  • Weapon Runes (Swords, Hammers or Axes)
  • Gromril Swords
  • Runes on Helms and Shields
  • Banner Runes
  • Sacred Runes
  • Runic Artifacts
Night Goblins Rules + background Night Goblins
  • Orc and Goblin (Greenskin) History & Background
  • Eavy Metal: Goblins & Night Goblins
  • The Waagh!
  • Night Goblins: Rules
The Battle of Grimdal's Tomb Battle Report Dwarfs vs. Bretonnians
WD153 Warhammer Fantasy Battle Preview
WD 154 The Game of Fantasy Battles Preview Background of 4th Ed. Development
Goblin Doom Divers Rules
WD 155 The Battle of Red Axe Pass Battle Report High Elves vs. Goblins
  • The Skull Wand of Kaloth: Magic Item
Goblin Squig Herders and Net Teams *Cave Squigs and Herders
  • Night Goblin Net Teams
High Elf Repeater Bolt Thrower
WD 156 Warhammer Battle Magic Preview
High Elves High Elf Prince Tyrion and Mage Lord Teclis
  • The High Elves
  • The Dark Elf Wars
  • The Darkest Hour
  • The Battle of Finuval Plain
  • The Defeat of the Witch King
  • The Gift of Magic
  • Tyrion Stats & Magic Item Cards
  • Sunfang - Runesword of Tyrion
  • Dragon Amour of Aenarion
  • Heart of Avelorn
  • Teclis Stats & Magic Item Cards
  • Sword of Teclis
  • War Crown of Saphery
  • Moon Staff of Lileath
WD 157 Grand Theogonist Volkmar *'Eavy Metal: (Grand Theogonist) Imperial War Altar
  • Magic Item Cards
  • The Horn of Sigismund
  • The Staff of Command
  • The Jade Griffon
Battle of Osterwald : Battle Report - Empire vs. Goblins
WD 158 Eltharion the Grim Warden of Tor Yvresse : High Elf Hero
  • Magic Items
  • Fangsword of Eltharion
  • Talisman of Hoeth
WD 159 Gorfang Rotgut Orc Big Boss
The Battle of Iron Peak Battle Report Orcs & Goblins vs. Dwarfs
WD 160 Thorgrim Grudge Bearer : Lord of Karaz-a-Karak and High King of all the Dwarfs
WD 161 Chaos Dwarfs
  • Background
  • Map
  • Bestiary
  • Chaos Dwarfs
  • Bull Centaurs
  • Great Taurus
  • Lammasu
  • Hobgoblins
WD 162 Gotrek Gurnisson & Felix Jaegar *Gotrek's Doom
  • Magic Items
  • Gotrek's Axe
  • Blade of Leaping Bronze: Felix
Chaos Dwarf Army List *The Army
  • Characters
  • Units
  • War Machines
  • Earthshaker Cannon
  • Death Rocket
  • Monsters
  • Allies
  • Equipment List
WD 163 The Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss
Chaos Dwarf Magic Cards : Spells
  • Doomroar
  • Shadows of Hashut
  • Magma Pool
  • Eruption
  • Flaming Hide
  • Ash Cloud
  • Sorcerer's Curse
  • Flames of Azgorh
  • Lava Storm
  • Fist of Fire
The Battle at the East Gate of Karak Eight Peaks Battle Report Dwarfs vs. Orcs & Goblins
WD 164 The Battle of Anurell's Tomb : Battle Report Chaos Dwarfs vs High Elves
WD 165 The Skaven Screaming Bell
Mighty Heroes Special rules for Goblin and Dwarf characters in Warhammer
  • Goblin Characters
  • Grom the Paunch of Misty Mountain
  • Night Goblin Squig Hoppers
  • 'Eavy Metal
  • Goblin Squig Hoppers
  • Grom the Pauch of Misty Mountain
  • Dwarf Characters
  • King Kazador of Karak Azul
  • Ungrim Ironfist the Slayer King of Karak Kadrin
WD 166 Dwarf Characters *Rune Lord Kragg the Grim: Master Runelord of Karak-a-Karak
  • Engineer Guildmaster Burlok Damminson
WD 167 One Year On : Review 4th Edition Review
Flying Monsters : Tactics
  • Get the Rules Right!
  • Aerial Tactics
  • The Battle of Iron Peak (See article in WD 159 )
  • Counter Measures
WD 168 The Origins of the Skaven
  • The Skaven Under-Empire: Map
  • The History of the Skaven
  • Clanrat Warrior Regiment
  • Stormvermin Regiment
  • Skavenslave Regiment
  • 'Eavy Metal: Skaven Army Regiments
  • Clan Pestilens Plage Monk Regiment
  • Clan Moulder Rat Ogre Pack
  • Clanrat Warrior Regiment
WD 169 Arkhan the Black : The Liche King (Undead )
Skaven Monsters and Characters Skaven Monsters and Characters
  • Vermin Lord - Daemon of the Horned Rat
  • Rat Ogres
  • Lord Skrolk, Plaguelord of Clan Pestilens
  • Warlord Queek Head-Taker
WD 170 Skaven Characters *Grey Seer Thanquol and Boneripper
  • Deathmaster Snikch, Chief Assassin of Clan Eshin
  • 'Eavy Metal: Skaven
  • Boneripper - Mutant Rat Ogre
  • Grey Seer Thanquol
  • Clan Eshin Gutter Runners
  • Skaven Doomwheel
Hobgoblin Sneaky Gits For Chaos Dwarf Army List
The Battle of Skull River Battle Report Chaos Dwarfs vs. Wood Elves
WD 171 Skarsnik, Warlord of the Eight Peaks : Night Goblin Chieftan
  • Skarsnik, Warlord of the Eight Peaks
  • Gobbla: Cave Squig
WD 172 Dieter Helsnicht : (Chaos Dwarfs ) Doom Lord of Middenheim
Savage Orc Boar Boyz
A Sword Unsheathed Battle Report High Elves vs. Skaven
WD 173 The Undead Warhammer Armies Preview
  • Background
  • Undead Gazetteer
  • The Land of the Dead: Nehekhara
  • Nagashizzar
  • The Plain of Bones
  • Drakenhof Castle: Vlad von Carstein
  • Moussillon: Bretonnia
  • History of the Undead
  • The Great Necromancer: Nagash, Sumpreme Lord of the Undead
  • The Return of Nagash
  • Wights
  • Skeleton Banner Bearers
  • Skeletons
  • Vampire Lord
  • Wights
  • Necromancer
  • Zombie Standard Bearers
  • Zombies
WD 174 Revenge of the Doomlord Battle Report Empire vs. Undead
WD 175 War Machines Tactics
WD 176 A Chronicle of Blood Battle Report Dwarfs vs. Chaos
WD 177 Morglum Necksnapper : Black Orc Chieftan
Old Weirde's Tacticus : Tactics
  • The Theory of the Oblique Line
  • Troop Types
  • Phase 1 - Deployment
  • The Refused Flank
  • Phase 2 - The Attack Begins
  • Phase 3 - Battle is Joined
  • Phase 4 - Mopping Up
  • Summing Up
WD 178 Lord of the Dragons High Elves, Prince Imrik, Lord of the Dragons
The Gauntlet of Fear Battle Report Orcs & Goblins vs. Empire
WD 180 Charge! : Cavalry Tactics
  • Types of Cavalry
  • Tasks
  • Charge!
  • Using Missile Cavalry
  • Light Cavalry
  • Cavalry Forces in Battle
  • What if you haven't got any Cavalry?
Flamers of Tzeentch : Chaos
WD 181 Scyla Chaos Spawn
  • The Chaos Gods
  • Chaos Gifts
  • Followers of Chaos
  • Chaos Spawn
  • Scyla, Spawn of Chaos
A Gathering of Might Battle Report 25,000 Point Battle Report

Orc & Goblin and Chaos Dwarf Host vs. Empire and Wood Elf Alliance

WD 182 Arcane Magic Preview
WD 183 Vlad and Isabella Von Carstein : Vampire Counts
Chronicles Of War Narrative Campaign
  • Linking your Battles
  • The Narrative Campaign
  • Special Scenarios
  • Where Next?
  • The Campaign so far
  • Finally
The Tale Unfolds : GW Studio Narrative Campaign Scenarios
  • The Bridge of Doom, Talabecland, 2506
  • The Battle of Talabheim, 2506
Turning The Tide : Battle Report for Narrative Gampaign Scenarios with factions from A Gathering of Might Empire vs. Orcs
  • The Bridge of Doom, Talabecland, 2506
  • The Battle of Talabheim, 2506
WD 185 Death or Glory! : Defence Tactics
  • A World at War
  • The Castle: Defensive Formation
  • The Keep: War Machines
  • Building the Wall: Foot Troops
  • Empire Detachments
  • Battlements: Missile Troops
  • Solid Foundations: Anchor your Flanks
  • The Moat: Cavalry
  • And the Rest...
Astragoth, High Priest Of Hashut : Chaos Dwarfs
WD 186 Death in Drakenmoor : Battle Report Empire vs. Chaos Dwarfs
WD 187 Naggaroth : Warhammer Armies - Dark Elves Preview
  • The Land of Chill
  • Naggarond, The Tower of Cold
  • Naggaroth Map
  • Dark Elf Crossbowmen
  • The Black Guard
  • City Guard Regiment
  • Ghrond, The North Tower
  • Karond Kar, The City of Despair
  • Har Ganeth, City of Executioners
  • Hag Graef, The Dark Crag
  • Clar Karond, The Tower of Doom
  • The Watch Towers
  • The Blighted Isle and The Sword of Khaine
WD 188 Arball the Undefeated, Destroyer of Khorne : Chaos
Dark Elf Battle Tactics Tactics Dark Elves
  • Missile Fire
  • Shock Troops
  • Light Troops
  • Assassins
  • Conclusion
WD 189 The Beastlord Rakarth : Dark Elf Character
  • Dark Elves
  • The Beastlord of Rakarth of Karond Kar: Dark Elf Character and Black Dragon
  • Whip of Agony
  • Enchanted Shield
  • Armour of Fortune
  • Special Rules
Cold One Knights : Dark Elves
  • The Dark Elf Army
  • Cold Ones
  • Special Rules (Replace Warhammer Battle Bestiary rules)
  • Cold One Knights
The Brave and The Valiant Tactics Character Tactics
  • Characters in Warhammer
  • Generals
  • Battle Tactics
  • Hammer of Gods
  • All Pile On!
  • Problems with Characters
WD 190 Hail of Doom : Battle Report 1995 Champion's Wood Elves vs. Staff Champion's Orcs & Goblins
WD 191 Questions & Answers FAQ *WFB
  • Orcs: Hand or Gork Spell Effect on Goblin Fanatics
  • Undead: Nagash & "Look out, sir!"
Dwarf Tacticus : Tactics Tactics
  • Building a Dwarf Army
  • Characters
  • Throne of Power
  • Runesmiths
  • Magical Runes
  • Rune of Spellbreaking
  • The Doughty Warrior
  • Slayers
  • The Expendable Slayers Tactic
  • Dwarf Elite Troops
  • War Machines
  • Magic
  • Come and Get it...
  • The Dwarf Stronghold (Death or Glory! in WD 185 )
  • War Machines
  • Ride of the Valkyrie!
  • Don't Ever Give Up!
  • Personal Book of Grudges
WD 192 Shadow of the Horned Rat : Computer Game Review
Questions & Answers WFB
  • Warhammer Armies - Dark Elves: Errata
  • Character Charges
  • Charging Troops with Frenzy
Raid! Battle Report Dark Elves vs. Orcs


  • Getting Started
  • The Background
    • Scenario 1: Race for the Tower
    • The Tower
    • Scenario 2: Shaman's Hut
    • Orc Huts the Quick and Easy Way
    • Scenario 3: The Final Clash
  • Fighting the Campaign with Different Armies
WD 193 The Bigger They Are ... : Tactics Tactics
  • Dealing with Power Characters
  • Hit 'Em
  • Zap 'Em
  • Eat 'Em
  • Shoot 'Em
  • Trick 'Em
  • Rout 'Em
  • Stop'Em
  • Ka-Boom!
Stillmania How to Collect an Army
  • Raising and Army
  • Which Army?
  • Stand by your Tribe!
  • The Recruitment Plan
  • Recruit by Division
  • The Army List
  • What's in the Division?
  • How to Raise Regiments
  • Creativity
  • A Note on Bases
Raid! - The Final Clash : Battle Report DarkElves vs. Orcs & Goblins (Also see WD 192
WD 194 Wizards : Tactics Tactics
  • The Bombard
  • Assassination
  • The Confounder
  • The Dominator
  • The Guardian
  • Choosing Your Wizards
  • Which Spells?
Fortunes of War : Guidelines for Creating Scenarios
  • Strange Battles
  • Good Training: Learning Tactics
  • Army Choice
  • Uneven Odds
  • Fields of Battle
  • Too Many Cooks...
  • It's Not Fair!
  • Grabbit!
  • Studio Scenarios
  • Death on the Plains: Kislev vs. Goblins
  • The Magic Duel: Imperial Colleges
  • Return to Orc's Drift: Dwarfs vs. Orcs
  • Guns of Karak Hirn: High Elves vs. Dwarfs
Lord of Chaos : Egrimm van Horstmann, Dark Sorcerer of Chaos
WD 195 Froothing Loonies! : Frenzy Tactics
  • Stopping the Psychos
  • Boo!
  • Blitz!
  • Quagmire
  • Golden Oldies ("The Bigger They Are..." in WD 193 )
  • One Extra Bonus Trick: Magic vs. Frenzy Banners
Ancient Writings Scenario Inspirations
  • Loot Fiction
  • Plunder History
  • WFB: Schuster's Last Stand
Darkness Unleashed Battle Report HighElves vs. Chaos
WD 196 Accursed Wizards! Tactics Tactics for Combating Wizards
Fear and Loathing Tactics Psychology Tactics
Guardians of the Forest Wood Elves Dryads
WD 197 Warriors of Loren : Preview Warhammer Armies WoodElves Review
Stillmania *Style of Play
  • Small Armies
  • Dramatic Scenarios
  • The Big Battalions
WD 198 Dragonfire * Dragons
  • New Rules
  • Scaly Skin
  • Breath Attacks in Melee
  • Forest Dragon: Wood Elves
Dawn of the Restless Dead Creating your own Special Characters
  • Wood Elves
  • Medb the Wood Witch, Protector of the Cairns of Loren
  • Gwion Suresight
  • Undead
  • Laskar Noircouer "The Blackhearted", Necromancer Lord of Quenelles
  • Mordac The Decayed, The Blackheart's Champion
Discovering Warhammer Getting into WFB by Adrain Wood
WD 199 Dawn of the Restless Dead II Creating Scenarios with Themed Army Lists (Also see Part I in WD 198 )
  • The Dead of Quenelles: Undead
  • Guardians of the Cairns: Wood Elves
Getting Out Once and a While... : Converting Warhammer Quest Characters to WFB
Swift Death 'Eavy Metal : Wood Elves Glade Riders
  • 'Eavy Metal: Wood Elf Warhawk Riders
  • Warhawks
Awakening in the Woods : Battle Report - Wood Elves vs. Skaven
WD 200 The White Dwarf : Dwarf Independent Character
Assault on Black Skull Mountain : Scenario Dwarfs with White Dwarf vs. Chaos Dwarfs
Getting a Breath of Fresh Air Part 2 Converting Warhammer Quest Characters to WFB
Questions & Answers Roolz Boyz