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Roger E. Moore (born July 11, 1955 in Winchester, Kentucky[1] is an American designer of role-playing games. He is best known for his long-running tenure as editor of Dragon' magazine, and was the founding editor of Dungeon(magazine] magazine.

Early life

Moore's family moved around Kentucky for the early part of his childhood, and eventually settled down outside of Louisville, Kentucky. Moore attended the University of Kentucky, where he majored in Astronomy before changing his major to Psychology. He married fellow student Georgia Skowlund, and after he graduated from college he entered the U.S. Army as a mental health counsellor. “The place I worked at in West Germany was a combination mental-health clinic/pizza parlor/ham radio shack and library ... It was once a panzer barracks, too. I was quite bored, so I started writing articles for Dragon Magazine. I gamed heavily and met some other gamers who now write or work for magazines.” After a number of successful submissions to Dragon, Moore became a Contributing Editor. “I had a lot of time to write at work, mostly when clients were too busy to show up for appointments. I did articles on the Dungeons & Dragons, AD&D, and Traveller games — just about anything I could find.”[1]

While in Fort Bragg during the summer of 1977, he first learned about role-playing games.[2] Moore became a regular contributor of articles to Dragon beginning in 1980.

Moore received the Army Commendation Medal and other awards during his five-year tour of duty at Fort Bragg and Mannheim, West Germany. After three years of duty in Mannheim, Moore went to the University of Louisville to work toward a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology. “I wanted to work with the space program as a human-factors engineer,” says Moore. “After awhile, I realized that wasn’t what I wanted, so I called up Kim Mohan and asked if he needed any help on his staff.”[1]


Moore joined TSR, Inc. as a magazine editor in May 1983. Moore wrote jokingly, "I lerned alot from Pat Price an KimMohan an picked up the majorty of my edditing skills from them an learnd to pay more attension to grammer and speling then I used too pay to."[1] Moore wrote consistently for Dragon magazine, and became editor of Dungeon Magazine magazine in 1986, and in the same year became Editor-in-Chief of Dragon when Kim Mohan resigned.[1] Moore moved to the games division in 1993, where he became creative director of the AD&D core rules product group He joined Wizards of the Coast in 1997 when TSR was acquired and continued to write and edit gaming materials of all sorts. Moore has written fiction for Dragonlance and other game worlds. Wizard of the Coast returned to TSR's original setting, Greyhawk, in 1998 with Player's Guide to Greyhawk (1998) by |Anne Brown and Return of the Eight (1998) and Greyhawk: The Adventure Begins (1998) by Moore; these three books moved Greyhawk’s metaplot well beyond the Greyhawk Wars to a new era.[3] The Adventure Begins won the 1998 Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Supplement. Moore finally left Wizards of the Coast in late 2000.

Moore is a past member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

Dragon Magazine Articles by Roger E. Moore

Issue Page Title System
36 28 Meeting Demogorgon --
39 41 Bazaar of the Bizarre: Cloud Castles D&D1
40 32 Other Were? Right Here!, The D&D1
42 54 Day Of the Dwarf, The D&D1
43 56 Hate Orcs? You'll Love This Campaign D&D1
44 17 Half-orcs In a Variety of Styles D&D1
45 60 How To Have a Good Time Being Evil D&D1
45 11 NPCs For Hire: ...And One Who Seeks the Perfect Mix D&D1
45 10 NPCs For Hire: One Who Predicts... D&D1
46 28 This Here's Tyrannosaurus Tex Boot Hill
49 65 Wishing Makes It So D&D1
50 48 Ups and Downs of Riding High, The D&D1
51 33 It's Not Easy Being Good D&D1
51 7 Make Your Own Aliens Traveller
53 22 Some Universal Rules D&D1
54 24 Giants In the Earth D&D1
57 50 Dungeons Aren't Supposed To Be 'For Men Only' D&D1
58 24 Dwarven Point of View, The D&D1
58 31 Gods of the Dwarves, The D&D1
59 52 Gods of the Halflings, The D&D1
59 49 Halfling Point of View, The D&D1
60 6 Elven Point of View, The D&D1
60 9 Gods of the Elves, The D&D1
60 14 Half-Elven Point of View, The D&D1
60 45 Jester, The D&D1
60 50 Midgets In the Earth D&D1
61 28 Gnomish Point of View, The D&D1
62 28 Gods of the Orcs, The D&D1
62 26 Half-Orcs D&D1
63 22 Bandits! D&D1
63 25 Humanoids, The D&D1
67 27 Astral Plane, The D&D1
68 7 Be a Two-Fisted Fighter D&D1
69 38 Caped Crusaders and Masked Marvels --
69 31 Charting the Classes D&D1
70 27 Dwarves In Space Traveller
70 14 Giants Can Be Awful Or Awe-ful D&D1
71 47 Solid Answers To Astral Questions D&D1
72 52 Everything We Think You Need To Know About Sex... D&D1
73 74 All For All, Not One For One --
73 24 Whole Half-Ogre, The D&D1
75 34 Mutants, Men, , and Machines Gamma World
76 6 Ecology of the Beholder, The D&D1
77 14 Ecology of the Unicorn, The D&D1
78 66 Ecology of the Mind Flayer, The D&D1
79 17 Magic Resistance: What It Is, How It Works D&D1
81 40 Cu Chulainn D&D1
82 46 Curing the Monty Haul Malady D&D1
83 31 Dancing Hut, The D&D1
83 55 How To Finish Fights Faster D&D1
84 44 Heart of Light, The D&D1
85 43 Ebon Stone, The D&D1
85 77 Preventing Complacency In Traveller Gaming Traveller
85 12 Special Skills, Special Thrills D&D1
85 82 Starquestions Star Frontiers
85 38 Three Cheers For Beowulf D&D1
87 82 Star Questions Universe
88 71 Before the Dark Years Gamma World
89 48 What Is a Monster Worth? D&D1
90 84 GenCon 17 Game Fair Report --
90 36 Plane Facts On Gladsheim D&D1
90 43 Aesirhamar D&D1
98 15 Dragons of Krynn, The D&D1
98 7 Tailor-Made Treasure D&D1
101 10 All About the Kender D&D1
101 80 Empire of the Sun Gamma World
101 71 Starships and Star Soldiers --
102 12 All About Gully Dwarves D&D1
103 18 All About Krynn's Gnomes D&D1
103 80 Super-Powered Seminar, A --
106 76 Stellar Feedback --
107 77 One In a Million --
108 40 After the Blast Top Secret
111 18 Dungeon Adventures D&D1
111 78 Phoenix Marvel Super Heroes
116 52 High Seas In 3-D --
121 74 Operation: Zodiac Top Secret
122 27 Gaming the Dark Continent D&D1
123 60 Just Making Time D&D1
201 50 Game Wizards, The D&D2
204 8 First Quest --
206 22 Part Dragon, All Hero D&D2
209 10 Branching Out All Over D&D2
211 48 D-Day In Milwaukee --
211 16 Sight In the Darkness D&D2
219 41 Colorful Weekend of Euro-Gaming, A --
228 15 Final Quest --
230 8 Orbs of Dragonkind, The D&D2
232 34 Sorcerous Six-Shooters D&D2
241 38 Legacies of the Suel Imperium D&D2
262 36 Elmshire: A Halfling Haven D&D2
Annual 1 44 Campaign Classics D&D2

White Dwarf Magazine Articles by Roger E. Moore

Articles by Roger E. Moore in White Dwarf include:

Issue Title Category Description
White Dwarf 3 Solo Dungeon Mapping Generic FRP Non-geomorphic system for random generation of dungeons
White Dwarf 19 Character Conjuring AD&D Berserker Class
White Dwarf 21 Character Conjuring AD&D Merchant Character Class

Published books

  • Return of the Eight, World of Greyhawk| series, TSR
  • Greyhawk: The Adventure Begins, World of Greyhawk TSR
  • Spelljammer: The Maelstrom's Eye, TSR


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