Games & Puzzles 69

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Games & Puzzles Magazine - April 1978


Pages Title Category Author Description
3 Editorial Editorial David Pritchard the future of games
4 Ethics at Bridge Bridge Richard Sharp Psych bids in Bridge
6 Your Sign Gives You Away Article Paul Morphine Astrology for gamers
8 Beat the clock Puzzles Quick game puzzles
9 Plato at Nurenburg News Games Fair News
10 How I Invent Games Article Mark Berger
12 Tolkien Wargames Wargames Lew Pulsipher Tolkien Wargames Reviewed – illustrations by Polly Wilson
  • Battle of the Ring
  • War of the Ring
  • Ringbearer
  • Battle of Five Armies
  • Battle of Helms Deep
  • Siege of Minas Tirith
14 Wargamers D&D D&D Lew Pulsipher Serious D&D considered.
18 Parade Ground Fantasy / Sci-fi Nicky Palmer Fantasy and sci-fi games examined
  • Outreach – SPI
  • Godsfire – Metagaming Concepts
  • After the Holocost – SPI
  • Stella Concquest – Metagaming Concepts
  • Ogre – Metagaming Concepts
  • Starship Troopers – Avalon Hill
  • Alien Space – Zocchi
  • Star Soldier – SPI
22 Gamesview Reviews new games reviewed
28 My Favourite Game General Games Ray Keene Chessmasters favourite game
28 Chess for everyone Chess W. H. Cozens Chess
31 Forum letters
33 Go Go Francis Roads annotates a master game
34 On the Cards Card games David Parlett looks at the backs of cards
36 Competitions A continental journey
39 Puzzledom Puzzles includes Wordview and Figures
44 Crosswords Crosswords Mike Laws
48 Competition Results Octobers winners
50 Solutions solutions to this months puzzles
51 Wordgamers page Word Games Alan Richter word games


Publisher Graeme Levin
Editor-in-chief David Pritchard
Art Editor Brian Mountain
Contributing Editors P R Jackson, W H Cozens, Roger Myers
Consultants Leonard Barden, Alex Bell, R C Bell, Darryl Francis, Nicky Palmer, David Parlett, Sid Sackson, Richard Sharp, Eric Solomon
Published by Edu-Games UK
Distributed Punch Publications Ltd