Games & Puzzles 61

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Games & Puzzles Magazine #61 June 1977


Page Title Category Author Description
1 Editorial Editorial Albie Fiore Editorial
4 White Bear and Red Moon Review Lewis Pulsipher Review of Greg Staffords Gloranthian Board Game
7 Twyst Game David Parlett a novel card game
10 Playroom Game P.W. Masterman-Plinker Proviso – an abstract board game
Game C.S. Elliot Flank – a boardgame using trominos
Game Ed Sweeny Shadow – a pencil and paper chase game
10 Hare & Tortoise Comic Taupi (Albie Fiore) Hare and Tortoise play Mastermind
14 Parade Ground Wargames Reviews Nicky Palmer Reviews of Amature wargames
War at Sea – Avalon Hill
Terrible Swift Sword – SPI
Schutztruppe – Jim Bumpas
Fight for Tobruck – Wellington Wargames
1944 – Laurence J. Rusiecki
Bay of Pigs – Jim Bumpas
17 Across the board Announcement that Owl & Weasel is to become White Dwarf
Playing card auction
Flying Buffalo organise a coach to go to Origins 77
Collecting Monopoly sets
Solo Wargaming Association – John Bennet
David Mitchell 46-hour world record fro playing Go!
17 Forum Readers Letters
Neil Bloomfield – Epaminodas – simplest drawn positions
Elizabeth Down- School Club, Chrchdown School
22 Games view Reviews Eric Solomon Crockey - Croquet simulation game
Selwyn Ward Sour Grapes - Family memory game
George Crawshay Ace Handicap Golf – Golf simulation game
John Humphries Diamond – abstract baord game
Rod Rivers Per Plexus – abstract boardgame
David Parlett Total Poker – Book review
26 Chess for Everyone W.H.Cozens Regular Royal Queen, in memorandam: Issac Boleslasky
30 Competitions
31 Puzzledom P. R. Jackson
Wordrow Word Games Ross Eckler The Last Word
35 Figures Picture Puzzles Order Order
36 Crosswords Review Alec Robins Chambers rossword Composing Competition (review)
Crossword Apex Our Great Events
Crossword Duck Centre Court
Crossword Machiavelli Plain Prize Puzzle
40 Small Ads
41 Competition Results
32 Solutions
43 Scrabble Board


Publisher Graeme Levin
Editor-in-chief David Pritchard
Editor Albie Fiore
Puzzles Editor P R Jackson
Chess Editor W H Cozens
Competitions Roger Myers
Consultants Leonard Barden, Alex Bell, R C Bell, Darryl Francis, Nicky Palmer, David Parlett, Sid Sackson, Richard Sharp, Eric Solomon
Cover Julian Nieman
Published by Edu-Games UK
Distributed Punch Publications Ltd