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Dick Higgs (1937-1996) was a British wargamer, miniatures designer and sculptor.

Dick studied Fine Art and Sculpture at Portsmouth College of Art and later joined Sanderson Wallpapers as a wallpaper designer and in his spare time made master models for Miniature Figurines of Southampton. In 1968 he became design director of the company and was responsible for all the designs issued from then until forced into early retirement in 1990 due to ill health.

In partnership with Neville Dickinson who produced the models, Dick is crediting with inventing the 15mm scale for wargaming Napoleonics, with the idea of creating large armies more cost effectively.

Dick created the miniatures range and various ranges produced by Minifigs including:

  • Mythical Earth
  • Valley of the Four Winds
  • Aureola Roccoco
  • World of Greyhawk

A concept painting by Dick for the Valley of the Four Winds range appears in White Dwarf 9 as part of the story.


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