Citadel Journal Spring 86

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Citadel Journal Spring 1986

The third Citadel Journal of the initial run. This magazine includes a sequel to Terror of the Lichemaster scenario and introduces the race of Skaven into the Warhammmer world.


Page Title Category Author Description
Cover Bagrians Doom Art John Blanche
Inside Cover Monastary of La Maisontaal Card building Dave Andrews
1 Editorial Editorial Rick Priestly
3-5 Vengeance of the Lichmaster Warhammer 2nd Rick Priestly
6 Terror of the Lichmaster Advert
7 Vengeance of the Lichmaster Card Counters
8-9 Citadel Miniatures Mail order Advert
10 Skaven Background Jez Goodwin Also appears in White Dwarf 119
16 Painting your Skaven Miniatures Painting John Blanche
18 Dungeon Floor Plans 1 Advert Dave Andrews colour version
19 Miniature Magic Miniatures
  • c12 Goblin p. Kevin Adams
  • C15 Orc p. Colin Dixon
  • C18 Zombies p. Dave Andrews
  • C15 Orc p. Colin Dixon
  • M44 Uruk Hai p. + converted Kevin Adams
  • ADD Minotaur p. Colin Dixon.
20 Citadel Miniatures
  • Dr Who (third Doctor) – sculpted by Bob Naismith painted by Lindsey L Doux Paton
  • C01 fighter – sculpted by Jes Goodwin – painted by John Blanche
  • Judge Dredd s. Bob Naismith p. Dave Andrews
  • Zombie s. Kev Adams p. Charles Eliot
  • Talisman Troll s. Aly Morrisson p. Charles Elliot
21 c47 Skaven Chaos Ratmen Miniatures Jez Goodwin also C27 Flamethrower crew
22 C21 Undead Cavalry Warhammer 2nd W Bob Naismith
23 C18 Zombies Warhammer 2nd Kevin Adams
24 C25 Minotaurs Warhammer 2nd Bob Naismith
25 C32 Slann Warhammer 2nd Trisha Morrison
26 C14 Snotlings Warhammer 2nd
C11Halflings Warhammer 2nd Perry Twins
27 C16 Chaos Dwarfs Warhammer 2nd Perry Twins
C13 Heroic Adventurer (Evil Fighter) Warhammer 2nd Bob Naismith
28 C28 Men at arms Warhammer 2nd Perry Twins
Coming Soon – Oriental Heroes Aly Morrison – no rules.
29 C01 Fighters Warhammer 2nd Jes Goodwin
C04 Thieves Warhammer 2nd Perry Twins
30 Lord of the Rings Miniatures Lord of the Rings
  • ME33 Dwarves
  • ME82 “The Hobbit Personality Set
  • M34 Hobbits of the Shire
  • M84 Eagle of the Misty Mountains
  • BME2 Nazgul on Winged Beast
31 Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures AD&D
  • Add14 Female Fighter
  • ADD15 Evil Fighter
  • ADD61 Giant Rats
  • ADD65 Duergar
  • ADD69 Githyanki
  • ADD69 Drow [Sic]
  • ADD56 Bugbears
32 Talisman Miniatures Talisman
  • TL1, Warrior, Assasin, Monk
  • TL2 Wizard Minstrel Druid
  • TL3 Thief Dwarf Prophetess
  • TL4 Priest Elf Sorceress
  • TL5 Troll & Ghoul
33 Star Trek Miniatures Star Trek

ST01 USS Enterprise

  • ST03 Klingon D-7
  • ST18 Klingon L42
  • ST15 Romulan Winged Defender
  • ST19 USS Grissom
  • STO9 Klingon D18
  • ST16 USS Chandley
  • ST17 USS Exelcsior
34 Doctor Who Miniatures Doctor Who
  • DW1 Three Doctors
  • DW9 Time Lords
  • DW3 Daleks
  • DW5 Ice Warriors
35 Judge Dredd Miniatures Judge Dredd / Warhammer 2nd Includes Sci-Fi rules expansions for Warhammer 2nd Edition
  • JD1 Judge Dredd
  • JD2 Judge Anderson
  • JD3 Perps
  • JD4 Mega City One Judges
  • JD45 Kleggs
  • JD7 Death, Dredd, Anderson
  • JD8 Fear, Fire, Mortis
  • JD15 Don Uggies Ape Gang
  • JD8 Judge Cal & Henchmen
39 Judge Dredd RPG Advert
Games Workshop Games Advert
  • Cosmic Encounters
  • Superpower
  • Judge Dredd RPG
  • Talisman
  • Warrior Knights
  • Railway Rivals
40 McDeath Interview Richard Halliwell Advertorial?
41 Drastik Plastic Orcs WFB John Stallard Rules & Advertorial. Painted by Dave Andrews
42 Rogues Gallery Editorial Photos of Staff
  • Aly & Jez
  • John Blanche
  • Bob Naismith
  • Tony Ackland
  • Aly, Reish, Bob, Bryan, Jez
  • Rick Priestly
  • Charles Elliot
  • Micheal and Alan Perry
43-50 The Quest of Kaleb Daark Comic Wagner / Grant / Ewins / Mcarthy Part 2
51 C13 Kaleb Daark Warhammer 2nd Miniature Designed By Jes Goodwin
52-53 Eternal Champion Warhammer 2nd Rules, Miniatures designed by Jes Goodwin
54-56 Chaos Helmet Compeittion Competition Painting by John Blanche
57 Chaos Death Roadshow is Coming Conventions
58 Eldritch Epistles Readers Letters
59 Readers Art Gallery Readers Art
60-68 Vengeance of the Lichmaster Warhammer 2nd Rick Priestly
69-72 Citadel Miniatures Spring Price List Advert
Inside Back Cover Monastary of La Maisontaal Card building Dave Andrews
Back Cover Dungeon Floor Plans Floor Plans Dave Andrews 4 Rooms

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For scans of the miniatures in this journal see The Stuff of Legends