Citadel Journal Spring 85

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The first Citadel Journal. All rules and background material is written for the 2nd Edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle.


Page Title Category Author Description
cover Warrior of Chaos Art [Tony Ackland
inside cover Archaic Abodes Terrain Dave Andrews
1 Welcome to the First Citadel Journal Editorial
  • Open Day
  • 60mm Fighting Fantasy plastics
4 Bubbling Under News
  • Warhammer Fantasy Battle Rules
  • Warhammer Role Play
  • Rogue Trader
  • Realms of Chaos
  • Lustria
  • Compendium
  • Journal
5 Who's Who at Citadel
  • Bryan Ansell
  • Diane Lane
  • Rick Priestley
  • Tony Ackland
  • John Blanche
  • 'Pank'
  • Tim Wilson
  • Andrew Wheatley
  • Neil Tyone
  • Joanne Podoski
  • Dave Andrews
6 Painting with Oils Modelling & Painting Simon Cass
10 Citadels NEW Slotta Bases Modelling & Painting Introducing the slotta base!
11 Giaks and Gourgaz Rules (WFB2E) Full stats of the Lone Wolf creatures for Warhammer
13 Chaos Warrior Art John Blanche
14 One Step Beyond Modelling & Painting John Blanche Converting and painting miniatures.
20 Photos Miniatures
  • 60mm Fighting Fantasy - Dave Andrews
  • Ninja - Dave Andrews
  • Chaos Lord - John Blanche
  • Emperor Dragon - Tony Ackland
  • Haunted House - Dave Andrews
  • Dungeon Diorama - Dave Andrews
  • Citadel Diorama - Andrews, Blanche & Ackland
  • Orc War Galleon - Dave Andrews
  • Citadel Miniatures - Phil Lewis
22 Realm of Chaos John Blanche Art
23 The Citadel Compendium Selection Catalogue
  • C01 Fighters
  • C02 Wizards
  • C03 Clerics
  • C27 Pygmies
  • C28 Giant Demons
  • C29 Young Dragons & Other Monsters
  • C11 Gnomes
  • C22 Creatures
  • C33 Mounted Adventurers
  • C34 Demons
  • C34 Elementals
  • C35 Chaos Warriors
  • C43 Spaceships
  • C44 Dreadnought Spaceships
  • DG1-DG5 Dragons

Regiments of Renown

  • RR9 Mudaks Mercenary Maniacs
  • RR10 Elwings Elven Guard Cavalry
  • RR11 Karnaks Reptilian Raiders
  • RR12 Hellish Flying Gargoyles of Barda
  • RR13 Lothern Elven City Guardsmen
  • RR14 Notlobs Orc Bolt Throwing Engines
  • RR15 Despoiling Hobgoblins of the Wastelands

New Starter Sets

  • BC1 Adventueres
  • BC2 Monsters

Lord of the Rings:

  • ME13 Frodo the Hobbit
  • ME14 Legolas, Elf Hero
  • ME15 Gimli, Dwarf Hero
  • ME32 Deadmen of Dunharrow
  • ME35 Beorn - Werebear
  • ME41 Goblin Warg Rider
  • ME61 Sauron - The Dark Lord
  • ME63 Lord of the Nazgul
  • ME11 Gandalf the Wizard
  • ME23 Rohirrim Noble Knight
  • ME43 Half-Orcs of Saruman
  • ME44 Uruk-Hai
  • ME54 Easterling
  • ME71 Corsairs of Umbar
  • ME73 Barrow Wights

C41 Lone Wolf:

  • Lone Wolf
  • Young Thaumaturgist
  • Giak
  • Vonatar
  • Helgast
  • Nidnuks
  • Vordak
  • Bandit
  • Guardsmen
  • N16 Cave Goblins
  • C42 Battlecars
  • BT1 Battletrucks

Boxed Sets

  • Lone Wolf: Giak Attack
  • Golden Heroes: Super Heroes
  • Golden Heroes: Super Villains
40 Advert The Second Citadel Compendium / Warhammer Fantasy Battle 2nd Edition
41 Arcane Armorials Competition Dave Andrews Design some Warhammer Heraldry
42 Official Warhammer Amendments Errata

Page [XX] fixes for Warhammer 2nd Edition, and other changes.

43 Readers Art Gallery Art
45 Regiments of Renown Rules (WFB2E)

Updated stats and rules for the Regiments of Renown for WFB2E. Unit Champions included for the first time.

  • Karnac's Lizardmen Raiders
  • Knight of Origo
  • Golfag's Regiment of Mercenary Ogres
  • Mighty Throgg and Hobgoblin Despoilers of the Darklands
  • Mad Mullah Acklands and his Death Commandos
  • Harboth and the Black Mountain Boys
  • Flying Gargoyles of Barda
  • Grom's Goblin Guard
  • Mudat's Mercenary Half-Orc Maniacs
  • Bugmans Dwarf Rangers
  • Notlobs Orcish Bolt-throwing Engines
  • The Bowmen of Prince Oreon
  • The Lothern City Guard
  • Elwings Elven Guard Cavalry
  • Mengil Manhides Company of Dark Elves
  • Battle Chariots of Bogdan the Goblin Warlord
56 Eldritch Epistles Letters
58 Eldritch Abodes Modelling & Painting Dave Andrews How to construct a half-timbered house and tower
Inside Back cover Eldritch Abodes Modelling & Painting Dave Andrews Tower

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For scans of the miniatures in this Journal see The Stuff of Legends